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Antenna Arrays for Radars


Antennas, Antenna Arrays (Active, Passive, Adaptive) and Their Elements Based on Planar and Three-Dimensional UHF (Microwave) and EHF (Millimeter Wave) Integrated Circuits Operating within Millimeter and Sub-Millimeter Wave Banks for Radar, Navigation, Co

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Russian Academy of Sciences / Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics / Fryazino Branch, Russia, Moscow reg., Fryazino


  • University of Applied Physics / Department for Information Technology, Germany, Esslingen\nTechnische Universität München / Lehrstuhl fur Hochfrequenztechnik, Germany, Munich\nRobert Bosch GmbH, Germany, Stuttgart

Краткое описание проекта

The problems of creation of effective antenna systems for radar, navigation and communication are one of main directions of up-to-date science and engineering which worked earlier for creation of different weapon systems. Development of antennas and antenna arrays for radar, navigation, communication etc. defines broad area for peaceful redirection of scientists and engineers bound with development of armament production earlier.

The main goals of the Project # 1023.2 are:

– Design of high effective antenna systems for multipurpose radio engineering devices of industrial and domestic utilization. These antenna systems are built on up-to-date and perspective basis elements.

– Research of radiation features of novel antennas and antenna arrays. Mathematical simulation of radiation characteristics of new antennas. Investigation of possibility of application of these antennas for radar, navigation, communication and domestic devices.

– Investigation of possibility of creation of accompanying devices for microwave signal processing. These microwave devices will be constructed with applying the three dimensional integrated circuits.

– Creation of new high effective algorithms for analysis of electrodynamic characteristics of objects investigated during Project # 1023.2.

Project # 1023.2 investigations are applied research. Following main results will be obtained during Project # 1023.2 execution:

– Effective mathematical models of antennas, antenna arrays and basis elements of antenna-feeding systems built on three-dimensional integrated circuits. These mathematical models will be rigorous.

– Application library with its technical manual. Programs of the application library are computer realization of rigorous mathematical models developed during Project # 1023.2.

– Electrodynamics characteristics of novel radiation elements (such as: electrically small objects with anisotropic surface conductivity, registering antennas with anisotropic semiconductors etc.) and antenna arrays built on these elements.

– Recommendations for utilization of radiation elements and antenna arrays (investigated during Project # 1023.2) in peaceful areas of human activities (especially at domestic).

– Mathematical models of receiving-transmitting antenna arrays of vehicular radar stations of carriers.

– Data bank (as diagrams, tables and graphic charts) for constructions of basis elements of antenna-feeding devices built on both planar and three dimensional integrated circuits. CD-ROM realization of data bank (HTML – format).

The participating institute had leading hand at research and creation of radio engineering and electronic devices for military-purpose systems. Experience accumulated during development of military equipment is supposed will be used for creation of effective antenna systems for peaceful areas during Project # 1023.2 execution.