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Recovery of Rough Diamonds


Development of Innovative Ecologically Safe Technology for Recovery, treatment and Approximate Analysis of Rough Diamonds

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  • MAT-OTH/Other/Materials

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VNIPI Promtechnology, Russia, Moscow

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  • AO Severalmaz, Russia, Arkhangelsk reg., Arkhangelsk\nVNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov\nNPO Kvant, Russia, Arkhangelsk reg., Severodvinsk

Краткое описание проекта

Fixed worldwide demand for diamonds as well as intensive introduction of diamond into electronics, engineering and medicine contribute greatly to the expansion of rough diamonds recovery. Discovery and exploitation of new deposits initiate search for update technologies of rough diamonds recovery with crucially new technical solutions. Major problems addressed by developers of new technologies comprise seasonal flactuation, ability of operation in different climatic environments including swampy areas, coastal shelf, no-water deserts, the lowest power consumption, high productivity, no-waste application of raw diamonds and ecological issues.

Project Objective

Objective lies in the development of an integrated diamond recovery technology that incorporates drilling - out of diamond - bearing rock, its treatment and approximate analysis оf rough diamonds obtained. New technology provides safe and complete recovery of diamond crystals out of diamond - bearing rock keeping intact natural environments.

Expected Results

This Project will allow to:

- develop basis for new ecologically safe technology of rough diamonds recovery by method of large-diameter boheholes drilling-out;
- identify optimum parameters of bohehole drilling up to the depth of 500m using facilities оf "VIRT-L35 M" type;
- find the most effective hardening rubbish composition to fill in waste boheholes;
- introduce effective operational and organizational mode of drilling activities;
- identify quantitative and qualitative indices of diamond recovery;
- develop effective technology of primary by-bohehole treatment of ore pulp;
- develop a flow-chart for treatment of granular mass of drilling-out ore;
- develop radiooptical method of rough diamonds detection in kimberlite rock; develop a testbed for rough diamonds thermal conductivity approximate analysis.