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Pumps for Oil Extraction


Development of Enhanced Reliability Well Pumps for Oil Production.

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Experimental Designing Bureau of Machine Building (OKBM), Russia, N. Novgorod reg., N. Novgorod

Краткое описание проекта

The goal of this project is creation of parametric series of enhanced reliability well pump aggregates (WPA) WPAs with capacity of up to 500 M3/day, head up to 2500 m of pumped liquid for oil production as well as maintaining pool pressure in oil deposits .

Enhanced reliability WPAs will permit to use both purely oil wells and wells with high content of water (up to 99%) and mechanical impurities ( up to 1%) as well as wells, containing high - corrosive pool liquids with dissolved salts, gases (including hydrogen sulphide). WPA represents submersible multi-stages centrifugal electric pump with special arrangement and hydroprotection of motor.

Enhanced reliability and longevity of WPAs developed by OKBM are assured by many vears experience of creation of special pump equipment (canned high temperature electric pumps for ship and other nuclear plants), as well as by use of main units of electric pumps.developed by OKBM whose characteristics are validated by many years operation.

This project will have an influence on solution of technical problems related to creation of up-to date pump equipment for civil purposes, employment of high - qualified specialists . use of technologies of defence complex .