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Coatings for Solar Energy Sources


Investigation, Development and Realization of the Technological Process for Vacuum Deposition of Solar Selective Adsorption Coating with Increased Efficiency and Thermal Stability. Development and Experimental Investigation of Installations That Consume E

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NPO Mashinostroieniya, Russia, Moscow reg., Reutov

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Investigation, development and realization of the technlogical process for vacuum deposition of solar selective adsorption coating with increased efficiency and thermal stability. Development and experimental investigations of installations that consume energy of the Sun.

The proposed technology has fundamental nature and can trigger off a new quality breakthrough in development of a whole generation of different technologies that use solar energy. Completion of development and making the technology industrially applicable will allow, with optimum level of aggregate expenditures, to transform and use solar energy with maximum efficiency.

Realization of the technology does not require big capital investment. It should be

specially noted that the technology is ecologically clean.

Optical characteristics of the coating have the following values:

AC - absorption coefficient in the solar spectrum і 0.92 and coefficient of proper radiation at operational temperature e Ј 0.05.

Efficiency of transformation into thermal energy is defined by a selectivity coefficient which is a ratio of AC to e. In this case, the selectivity coefficient > 17. This coefficient does not exceed 7 with coatings obtained by the galvanic method.