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Hydraulic Structures of Small Hydropower Engineering


Introduction, Field and Model Research of Improved Constructions of Hydraulic Structures for Small Hydropower Engineering

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Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain, Barcelona\nUniversita degli Studi di Genova / Dipartinebto di Ingegneria delle Construziono, dell'Ambiente e del Territorio, Italy, Genova\nUniversity of Trento / Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Italy, Trento

Краткое описание проекта

Realization of the offered project will allow to improve and introduce practical methods of calculation and designing of hydraulic structures for small hydroelectric power stations in mountain and foot-mountain areas of Kyrgyzstan and to show to power and water-economic companies practical advantages of offered technologies.

The project will allow to create databases of diurnal variations of liquid and sediment runoff of representative basins of mountain rivers for designing of small Hydroelectric Power Stations owing to carrying out of field supervision over rearrangement of canalised plot of the Kugart river and approach channel of water-intake structure on the Issyk-Ata river.

Modernization of water intake structure for small persion power plant on the Issyk-Ata river with introduction of fish protection facilities and water gate heating system will be carried out. After that the facilities will be studied in operation conditions, and recommendations on their improvement and operation will be worked out. The construction of water intake structure without damming for micro power plant will be introduced.

The introduction, model and field research of water pider for the channels with supercritical flow for water intake into the penstocks of micro power plants will allow to verify the results obtained before from the model research. Rig test, introduction and field test of new construction of low head microHPP will promote the development of recommendations on designing and operation of the rig of that kind.

Application of the developed methods of soil dams stability calculation in the conditions of mountain relief will allow to improve the programs of computer modelling and calculation of dam stability.

Hydraulic research of spillways of reservoired power station will make a basis for the project of reconstruction of superficial and bottom spillways taking into account the water and energy cadastre of the hydro unit. Model research will allow to work out the recommendations on designing of improved constructions of head ponds of persion power plants.