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Compound Separator for Medicine (R)


High-Molecular Compound Separator for Bio-Medical Purposes.

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  • BIO-INF/Bioinformatics/Biotechnology
  • MED-OTH/Other/Medicine

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OAO GAS, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., N. Novgorod

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  • Russian Academy of Sciences / Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russia, Moscow\nNPO Molniya, Russia, Moscow\nNIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow\nScience & Engineering Center „Centrotech“ (CEBM), Russia, St Petersburg

Краткое описание проекта

Project Basis

A novel effective high-resolving device for separating high-molecular compounds in solution is proposed. The model results obtained are:

– The possibility of a 10 to 100 - fold increase in the separative power of the device designed to separate multi-component high-molecular compound mixtures using ultra-centrifugation and other physical processes (hydrodynamic and electrophoretic ) was established;

– A significant increase in the separative ower and resolving is due to a repeated passage of a fluid element through centrifugal field. A special hydraulic arrangement comprising of pumps and control means maintains a fluid flow in the centrifuge rotor.

Research Directions

– Mathematical modeling diffusion, macromolecular motion in centrifugal and electric fields and hydrodynamic processes for certain design versions;

– Developing a Program Software;

– Computing strength, vibration and thermal characteristics and conducting pilot studies;

– Designing three separator versions differing in use

(I) Preparative device for research purposes;
(II) Analytic device for research purposes;
(III) Device for industrial purposes: the cleaning of drugs obtained by biotechnological and other methods;

– Trying out single separator units on special stands;

– Making three model versions of the HMCS and their testing;

Conforming to the ISTC Goals

The project conforms to the ISTC goals and permits the solution of the following problem:

1. Elaborating a novel method and devices for separating high-molecular compounds, thus essentially facilitating a search for effective drugs and promoting scientific research in biochemistry and biology;

2. Converting basic science and engineering centers engaged in developing methods and equipment for separating U isotopes in N.W. production;

3. Elaborating the separation method to design an effective device for cleaning industrial wastes from toxic products, and for ecological monitoring.

Project Results

The project results are:

I) elaborating an effective method for separating high-molecular compounds 10 to 100 times more effective than the existing devices;

II) developing an appropriate device for analytic, prepapative, and large-scale separation;

III) complex models testing.