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Roentgen Personell Protection


Development of Highly Effective Personal Protection Equipment for Medical Personnel and Patients during Roentgen Diagnostic Examinations

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  • FIR-OTH/Other/Fission Reactors
  • MED-RAD/Radiomedicine/Medicine

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AOOT "Scientific Research Institute of Steel", Russia, Moscow

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  • Association of Medical Physicists of Russia (AMFR), Russia, Moscow

Краткое описание проекта

Aim of the Project

Because of going-on improvement of the quality of medical services in Russia there is a necessity to widely use X-ray equipment both for diagnostics and for treatment of different diseases. Use of radiating equipment calls for obligatory application of personal protection means, which reduce the radiation dose effecting vital organs of the medical personnel and patients.

Both in Russia and abroad in the process of X-ray diagnostics personal protection means (aprons, skirts etc.) are used in which toxic lead and its compounds are used as a roentgen radiation absorber.

In the present project a new lead-free protective material is proposed to be used in personal protection means. Such means enjoy higher protective characteristics as compared to conventional ones with the same weight. It is achieved due to use of heavy filler with specially optimized composition, which provides reliable absorption of roentgen radiation. Besides, a very important problem is the necessity to reduce weariness of medical personnel during their work as a standard protective apron weighs about 3-5 kilos, and the person wearing it during his working day gets tired very quickly. It is proposed to distribute the weight of the protective clothing over a larger surface of the body due to special clothing design which make the protective clothing more comfortable for the wearer.

Special attention should be paid to the problem of protection thickness differentiation which will allow to increase protection level of vital body organs: digestive tract, genital organs, mammae, red marrow, thyroid gland, crystalline lens, hands and head.

The X-ray protective clothing can include an apron, a skirt, a pinafore, glasses, a cap and gloves. As a result of the Project realization the whole complex of research and development as well as testing of protective clothing models should be performed.