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Science Workshops and Seminars Program

The Science Workshop Program (SWS) was established in 2003. The aim of the program is to provide sponsorship and funds throughout the budget year to selected international events of interest to ISTC. This program enables ISTC beneficiary institutes and their former WMD experts to integrate the global science community and contribute to the solution of related problems. 

SWS is one of the very visible and highly appreciated activities of the ISTC contributing to intensive scientific exchange and integration of Russian/CIS research teams into the international scientific community. 

Applications can be submitted continuously throughout the year, but no sooner than 4-6 months in advance, depending on the type of ISTC support requested.

Deputy Executive Director 
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Annual Reports

Annual Reports

The electronic version of the 2016 Annual Report and2016 Audited Financial Report is available by downloading the pdf file from this website

Featured Project

Featured Project

The 34th ISTC Workshop of Titanium Materials and their Manufacturing Technologies

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