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#0493High- Speed Impact

The Physics of High-speed Impact in Methods of Solar System's Exploration.

#0643Cherenkov Water Detector

Cherenkov water Detector of Extensive Air Showers Generated by High-energy Particles

#0729Modeling of Supernova Explosions

Investigation of Dynamics of Supernova Stars Explosion, Evolution of their Electromagnatic Radiation Spectrum and Expansion of their Shells

#1106Cosmic Gamma-Quanta (>100 TeV) Observation

Research of Very High Energy Local Gamma-Quanta Sources by Mirror Telescopes of Cherenkov Radiation and Development of Scintillation Methods for Gamma-Quanta Sources Observation with Energy > 100 TEV

#1431Intensive Neutrino Source

Calibration and Testing of the Technology for the Preparation of an Intense Neutrino Source Based on AR-37 Isotope as well as for the Calibration of an Iodine Detector of Solar Neutrinos

#3506Submillimeter Detector Arrays

Arrays of Superconducting Direct Detectors for Supersensitive Imaging Radiometers of 1.0 – 0.2 mm Waveband Region

#3520Shock Waves in Space Plasma

Charged Particles Acceleration by Shock Waves in Space Plasma

#3755Non-Ideal Plasma of the Sun

Physical and Chemical Evolution of Nonideal Plasma of the Sun Inferred from Modern Helioseismic Data

#A-655Diffusive Radiation in Random Media

Diffusive Mechanism of Radiation in Random Media: Application to Particle Detection and Astrophysics

#G-2094A universal test on magneto sensitivity

Elaboration of a universal test on magneto sensitivity

#KR-677Field Models of Dark Matter in the Universe

Field Models of Dark Matter in the Universe

#T-1086Meteor Showers

Meteor Showers as Indicators of Cometary Nature of Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs) and Physical Properties of Meteoroids

#T-1629Fireball Network in Tajikistan

Fireball Network in Tajikistan and Search for Near-Earth Objects Associated with Fireball Showers

#T-2113Optical and radar meteoroids

The optical and radar researches of the physical properties of the meteoroids of various mass