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#1220-2Muon Absorber Design

Development and Optimization of Muon Spectrometer Absorber

#2269Mathematical models for local deformation processing

Development of mathematical models for manufacturing parts out of hard-to-deform materials by local deformation method

#A-395Molybdenum Concentration Control System

Development of an Automatized Control System for the Process of Concentration of Molybdenum Ores

#A-544Hierarchical Control of Chemical Reactors

Optimal Hierarchical Control of Section Reactor Group

#B-104Optimization Methods in Engineering Systems

Optimization Methods and Tools for Design, Control and Management in Engineering Systems

#B-986Decision Support for Engineering Systems

Models, Methods and Tools for Decision Support of Designing and Scheduling for the Engineering Systems with Parallel and Series Structure

#KR-566Automation of Mining at Open Pits

Computer Aided Mining Development at Open Pits