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#0049Vibration Diagnostics

Development of industrial accelerometer for vibration diagnostics of NPP equipment.

#0075Acoustic Devices for Reactor Control

Development of acoustic sensor equipment for tightness checks at NPP.

#0515Molding Technique for Scintillators

Development of the Injection Molding Technique for Scintillation Tiles Production.

#0682Diagnostics for Neutron Sources

The Creation of Diagnostic Systems for Pulsed Neutron Sources

#0738NPP Diagnostic Equipment Demonstration

A concluding Stage of Scientific and Technical Studies and Development of Industrial piezoelectric Transducers for Diagnosing NPP Equipment (Continuation projects # 049; 075)

#1246Nondestructive Burnup Measurements

Nondestructive Control of a Burnup Depth of Spent Fuel for RBMK-1000 Reactors in Storage Pond of Nuclear Power Plants

#1472Radiation Resistant Optical Fibers

Research and Development of Radiation-Hardened Optical Fibers Intended for Use in the Civil Nuclear Industry

#2410Monograph "Aperiodic Pulse Reactors" (English)

Preparation of the Monograph "Aperiodic Pulse Reactors" for Publication in English

#2503Gas Sensors and Radiation Detectors for Monitoring

Research and Development of High-Sensitive Semiconductor Gas Sensors and Ionizing-Radiation Detectors for Environment Monitoring

#2584Reactivity Evaluation Device

Development and Testing of the Reactivity Evaluation System to Provide Nuclear Safety of Subcritical Systems and Non-destructive Control of Nuclear Materials Inside Technological Equipment and Containers at Nuclear Industry Enterprises

#2585Characterization of Samples with Spontaneously Fissioning Isotopes

Development of the Method for Characterization of the Samples, Containing Spontaneously Fissioning Radionuclides, by Measuring Fission Products Gamma-Radiation (for the System of NM Control and Accountability of the Federal State Unitarian Enterprise "PA"

#3094Control of subcriticality of neutron multiplying systems

Development of experimental Prototype of Equipment and Measuring Technique for Control of Subcriticality of Neutron Multiplying Systems

#3534Device for Detection of Explosives

Creation of a Device for Detection of Explosives, Nuclear and other Hazardous Materials in Cargo Containers and Luggage

#3983Spectroscopic Neutron Detector for Detection of Nuclear Materials

Low-background Spectroscopic Position-Sensitive Neutron Detector for Detection of Nuclear Materials in Cargo Containers

#A-372Picosecond Timer

Development of a RF Picosecond Timing Technique Based on Secondary Electron Emission

#G-025Heat Carriers Leakage Control

Development of the Universal Method for Controlling the Heat - Carrier Leakage from Liquid - Metallic Contours.

#G-646Selective Detectors for Nuclear Radiation

Investigation of Thermo-Stimulated Fluorescence and Spectrums of Optical and Para-Magnetic Absorption of MgO Crystalls as Perspective Materials for Selective Detectors of Nucleus Irradiation