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#0118Recombinant Immuno Preparations

Development of Recombinant and Immunobiological Preparations

#0118-2Recombinant Immuno Preparations

Development of Genetic Engineering Immunomodulating Preparations

#0120Recombinant Vaccines

Development of recombinant vaccine preparates.

#0120-2Recombinant Vaccines

Development of Recombinant Vaccine Preparates

#0123Cardiac and Antitumor Drugs

Synthesis and study of properties of cardiac and antitumor drugs using the methods developed at producing weapons of mass destruction.

#0125Medicines for Heart Disease

Development of potential medical preparations for treatment of hyper beta-lipoproteinemia atherosclerosis and heart disease.

#0127Drugs Synthesis for AIDS

Perspective in synthesis of new pharmaceutical compounds based on phosphilipids and nucleosides, possessing anti-HIV and immunoadjuvant activity, and investigation of their interaction with cellular membranes.


Modeling of Neurochemical Mechanism of Neurodegenerative Disorders and Development on this Base of Highly Efficient Neuroprotectors.

#0344Centrifugal Extractors for Drug Production (R)

Centrifugal Extractors for Processing Medicines.


Development of New Generation Biopesticides.


The Study of Molecular Mechanisms of Immunosuppressive Drugs Actions.

#0402-2Inactivation of Cancer Cell

Construction of Directed Action Molecules on Chosen Classes of Eucariotic Cells

#0403Novo Proteins with Interferon

Design, Genetic Engineering, Production and Physico-Chemical Testing of Biologically Active de Novo Proteins Incorporating an Alfa-Interferon Fragment. Biological Study of the Obtained Constructions

#0420Drug Delivery Systems

Development of the Technologies for Production of New Drug Delivery Systems.

#0421Drug Natural Proteins

Development of Technologies for Production of Drugs on the Base of Recombinant and Natural Proteins.

#0433Bacterial Antistressors

Role a Bacterial Antistressors in Virulence and Intracellular Parasitism of Legionella Pheumophila, Francisella Tularensis and Salmonella Typhimurium.

#0459Antiviral Polyprenols of Needle Trees

The Investigation of the Antiviral Activity of Aerosols of the Needle Trees Polyprenols.

#0463Antitumor Drugs

Study of New Cell Differentiation factors as Potential Antitumor Drugs.

#0506Diphtheria Express-Diagnostics

Development of the Amplificating Test-System and Equipment for Express-Diagnostics of Diphtheria by Using a Polymerize as Chain Reaction.

#0506-2Diphtheria Express-Diagnostics

Development of the Amplificating Test-System and Equipment Set for Express-Diagnostics of Diphtheria by Polymerise Chain Reaction.