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#0417Space Monitoring of Earthquake Precursors

Development of Set of On-board Instrumentation for a Space-based Experimental Study of the Electromagnetic and Plasma Earthquake Precursors

#1293Nonlinear Problems in Earth Science

Conversion of R&D in Missile Navigation to Nonlinear Problems in Earth Science

#1536Virtual Laboratory for Elastisity Problems

Virtual Laboratory on Fundamental and Applied Problem of Elastisity Theory

#1538Monitoring and Prediction of Seismotectonic Processes

Using of Research Potential in the Field of Aviation Technologies for Modeling, Monitoring, and Prediction of Seismotectonic Processes

#1696Pacific Ocean Atlas

International Geological-Geophysical Atlas of the Pacific Ocean

#2059Screening Effect of Vegetation in Remote Sensing

Screening Effect of Vegetation in Active (SAR) and Passive (Radiometric) Remote Sensing of the Earth’s Covers and in Radio-Communication in UHF-, VHF-, and Microwave (X-, C-, S-, L-, and P-) Bands

#2364Oil Recovery in Clayey Pools

Research into Physical and Mineralogical Mechanism of Oil Recovery Decrease in Clayey Oil Pools

#2866Radar for Sensing of Soils and Vegetation Cover

Application of Multi-Frequency Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) at Decimeter (L, P) and Meter (VHF) Bands for Surface and Subsurface Sensing of Soils and Vegetation Cover

#2975Data on the Earth Gravity Field

New Methods of Interpretation of New Satellite Data on the Earth Gravity Field and Its Temporal Variations: Development and Applications

#2990Satellite DEMETER Coordinated Geophysical Observations

Complex Ground Based Geophysical Observations Coordinated with Satellite DEMETER Investigations

#3189Amendments for Rehabilitation of Soils Contaminated by Radionuclides

The Development of Composition and Technology of Amendment Production for Rehabilitation of Soils Contaminated by Radionuclides and Assessment of Their Application Efficiency

#3547Radionuclides Transport in the Irtysh-Ob’ Basin

Analysis of Radionuclides Transport and Assessment of Radiation Risk for the Population and Environment in the Basin of the Irtysh-Ob’ River System

#3590Groundwater Dating

Tritium/Helium-3 Method of Dating Recent Groundwater in Hydrogeoecology

#3993Luminous Events and Penetration Radiation in Thunderstorm Atmosphere

Numerical Simulation of Transient Luminous Events and Generation of Penetration Radiation Pulses in Thunderstorm Atmosphere

#4016Gas Hydrates in Lake Baikal

Investigation of Gas Hydrates Accumulations Connected with the System of Mud Volcanoes and Faults in Lake Baikal

#A-1418Natural Hazards in the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia

Open network of Scientific Centers for Mitigation Risk of Natural Hazards in the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia

#A-1524Moisture Remote Sensing

Development of a Prototype of C and Ku-Band, Dual-Frequency, Polarimetric, Combined Scatterometer-Radiometer System for Sea, Land and Atmospheric Remote Sensing

#A-999International Research Center Garni

Development of Project on the Establishment of Garni International Earth Science Research Center

#G-1303Litosphere of Caucasus

The Study of the Structure of the Lithosphere of Caucasus by Means of Surface Wave Tomography and Three-Dimensional Modeling

#G-1532Model of the Litosphere of the Caucasus

The Creation of the Thermo-geodynamic Model of the Lithosphere of the Caucasus and of the Black and Caspian Seas Areas on the Basis of Mathematical Model, Geological and Thermal Paleoreconstruction and Seismic Tomography