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#0277Earth and Sun Location Sensors

The Elaboration of High Precision Measurement System on the Basic of the CCD-Sensors.

#0360Flanged Connection for Space Launchers

Flanged Connection with a Static Spherical Bearing.

#0473Pumps for Space Control Systems

Design and Manufacturing of Loop Heat Pipes and Capillary Pumps for Advanced Thermal Control System of Space Apparatus.

#0751Space Mechanism and Components

Review of Space Mechanisms and Components

#0936Air-Hydrogen Heat Exchanger

Research on Fundamental Problems of Heat Transfer Intensification in Air-Hydrogen Heat Exchanger

#1165Electric Rocket Propulsion

Development and Research of an Experimental Model of Electric Propulsion Based on Accelerator with Closed Electron Drift

#1214Lubricating Technology for Space Mechanisms

Technological Problems of the Long Life Lubricating Technology for Space Mechanisms

#2365Solar-Powered Rocket Engine

Solar-Powered Rocket Engine (Using Hydrogen and Oxygen Fuel) with a Purpose of Shifting Satellites from Low Earth Orbit to Stationary Orbit

#3151Demonstrator for flight tests

Experimental and Numerical Study of Critical Aerothermodynamic Phenomena on the EXPERT Reentry Demonstrator for Preparing In-Flight Tests

#K-035Hydrogen Hypersonic Flow for Air-cosmic Crafts

Operating Process Investigation of Supersonic Combustion Ramjet as Applied to Promising Aerospace Planes