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#0385Space Patrol of Solar Radiation

Creation of the Permanent Space Patrol of Solar EUV and X-ray Radiation.

#0385-2Space Patrol of Solar Radiation

Creation of a Permanent Space Patrol of Solar Extrime Ultraviolet and X-ray Radiation

#0427Utilization of Rocket Fuel

Working out of the Technology of Utilization of High-Toxic Component of Rocket Fuel - 1,1-dimethylhydrazine and Producing of a Number Valuable Products on its Basis.

#0627Airborne Monitoring

Complex Investigations of Possibilities of Reduction of Aviation Influence on Environment and its Utilization for Ecological Monitoring

#1334Space Debris Impact on Spacecraft

Study of the Spacecraft Vital Elements Response to Space Debris Impact

#1346Microbial Conditions in Spacecraft

Investigation on Means and Methods for Controlling the Microbial Conditions in Manned Modules of Long-Operating Space Vehicle

#1420Pressure Vessels under Impact of Space Debris

Gas-Filled Pressure Vessels under Hypervelocity Impact of Space Debris Particles: Development of Numerical Simulation Methodology and Survivability Analysis

#1917Shield Protection for Spacecraft

Development of the Design Technology of the Lightweight Shielding Protection for the Pressurized Hulls of Spacecraft and its Theoretical, Experimental and Computational Justification

#2128Meteorite Protection of Spacecrafts

The Development and Creation of Unified Shielding Construction for the Protection of Spacecraft from Meteoroid and Space Debris Impacts

#3392Microbiological Safety of Space Equipment

Development of Means and Methods to Ensure Microbiological Safety of Long-Operating Space Equipment

#3412Astrosols in Near-Earth Space

Investigation of Astrosols in Near-Earth Space Using the Onboard Measurements and Computer Modeling. Analysis of Astrosol Effect on Components of a Spacecraft

#3779Neutron Spectrometer for Spacecraft

Development of a Portable High-Energy Neutron Spectrometer for Active Diagnostics of Radiation Environment in Spacecraft

#3871Thermal Diagnostics of Aerospace Structures

Thermal Diagnostics Technologies for Development, Verification and Emergency Prevention of Aerospace Structures

#T-1086Meteor Showers

Meteor Showers as Indicators of Cometary Nature of Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs) and Physical Properties of Meteoroids

#T-1629Fireball Network in Tajikistan

Fireball Network in Tajikistan and Search for Near-Earth Objects Associated with Fireball Showers

#T-2113Optical and radar meteoroids

The optical and radar researches of the physical properties of the meteoroids of various mass