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#0128Turbulent/Laminar Flow

Experimental investigation of transition of supersonic boundary layers relevant to high speed air transportation.

#0138Resonator Gyroscope

Low-cost hemispherical resonator for small, commercial navigation systems.

#0138-2Resonator Gyroscope

Optimization of Characteristics of Low-cost Hemispherical Resonator for small, Commercial Navigation Systems

#0199Turbulent Drag Reduction

Development of New Methods of Laminar Flow Control and Turbulent Drag Reduction.

#0200Sonic Boom for Supersonic Aircraft

Ecological Aspects of the Impact of a Supersonic Civil Aircraft (SST) of the Second Generation of Environment . Methods of Reducing Sonic Boom, Community Noise and the Supersonic Civil Aircraft Impact on the Ozone Layer.

#0201Aircraft Wake Safety Problem

Problems of Investigation of Aircraft Vortex Wake Evolution and Flight Safety.

#0497Combustion Chamber for Turbojets

The Fundamental Investigation and Experimental Working out of the Methods for the Creation of the Ecological Pure, High Temperature, Annulas Combustion Chamber for Turbojets

#0501Large Commercial Aircraft

Design Studies of the Very Large Commercial Transport (VLCT) Aircraft with Non-traditional Layout Configurations.

#0548Flying Wing Airplane

Investigations of Technologies, Critical for Implementing an Airplane of Flying Wing Type with Superhigh Seating Capacity

#0582SiC-Ceramics for Aviation

Development of Structure, Chemical Means and Technology of Producing High Temperature Ceramic Composite of SiC/SiC Type for Civil Aviation and Automotive Industry.

#0592Wind Tunnels for Aircraft Testing

Development of a Complex Technique for Testing Highly-Economical, Ecologically-Promising Civil Aircraft in Transonic Wind Tunnels

#0672Compressors Efficiency

Experimental Installation for Research of Unstable Processes and Means for Increasing of Efficiency of Compressors

#0672.2Compressors Efficiency

Experimental Installation for Research of Unstable Processes and Means for Increasing of Efficiency of Compressors

#0761Supersonic Transport Airplane

Multidisciplinary Approach to Preparing the Concept of Second-generation Supersonic Transport Airplane (SST-2) Ensuring Perfect Aerodynamic, High Static/Fatigue Strength, Good Structural Efficiency and Safe Flights

#0887Supersonic Inlets

Experimental Investigation Concerning the Optimitisation of Supersonic Inlets

#0935Onboard Measurements for Hypersonic Flights

Problem Investigation of Onboard Measurement System of Hypersonic Flying Test Bed Intended to Attack Hypersonic Flight Problems

#0990Transport Aircraft Impact

Study of Airframe and Cargo Mechanical Response at Accident Impact Transport Aircraft to Take-off and Landing Runway

#1018Aircraft Vortex Wake

Flight Safety, Aircraft Vortex Wake and Airport Operation Capacity

#1477Vortex Flow in the Aircraft Wake

Investigation of Dynamics, Stability and Remote Sensing Methods of Vortex Multicomponent Flow in the Wake of Subsonic Civil Aircraft

#1536Virtual Laboratory for Elastisity Problems

Virtual Laboratory on Fundamental and Applied Problem of Elastisity Theory