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#0177Turbulent Mixing Investigations

Investigation into Pecularities of the Turbulent Mixing and Development of the Program Complexes for its Description.

#0375Multifunctional Shock Tube

Development and Manufacture of the Multifunctional Shock Tube and Investigation into the Rayleigh-Taylor Turbulent Mixing of Different Density Gases

#0436Hydrogen Detonation Model

Physical Model and Code Development for Computation of Deflagration, Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition and Detonation of Hydrogen Containing Mixtures.

#0493High- Speed Impact

The Physics of High-speed Impact in Methods of Solar System's Exploration.

#0526Irregular Lagrangian Grids

Technique and Program Development for Solving 3D Gas Dynamics Problems on Irregular Lagrangian Grids.

#0729Modeling of Supernova Explosions

Investigation of Dynamics of Supernova Stars Explosion, Evolution of their Electromagnatic Radiation Spectrum and Expansion of their Shells

#0874Shock Waves Stability and Perturbation Evolution

Study of Stability and Perturbation Evolution of Diverging and Converging Shock Waves

#1123Diagnostics of Streamer Discharges

Subnanosecond Spectral Diagnostics of Streamer Discharges

#1299Monograph on Laser Radiation Interaction with Matter

Writing of the Monograph: "Termal, Hydrodynamic and Plasma Effects in Laser Matter Interaction".

#1399Radiation Influence on Ignition of Hydrogen Mixtures

Research of the Impact of Ionising Radiation on Ignition Limits and Burning Rate of Hydrogen-Air and Steam-Hydrogen-Air Gaseous Mixtures

#1412Stabilisation of Turbulent Mixing

Experimental Investigation into Stabilised Properties of Transitional Layers on the Evolution of Turbulent Mixing

#1420Pressure Vessels under Impact of Space Debris

Gas-Filled Pressure Vessels under Hypervelocity Impact of Space Debris Particles: Development of Numerical Simulation Methodology and Survivability Analysis

#1474Gaseous Fuel Ignition by Ionization Wave

Superfast Homogeneous Plasma Ignition of Hydrogen-Oxygen and Air-Fuel Supersonic Flows by High-Voltage Ionization Wave

#1476Extreme Parameters for Magnetocumulative Technique

Research and Ultimate Potentialities of a Magnetocumulative Technique for Ultrahigh Magnetic Fields Production

#1481Neuro-Network for Turbulent Mixing

Neuro-Network Forecasting of Turbulent Mixing Development Based on Wavelet-Analysis

#1579Magneto-Hydrodynamic Software

User Package for Numerical Simulation of One-Dimensional Magneto-Hydrodynamic Flows

#1778.1Analytical Solutions for Testing Gas Dynamics Problems

Analytical Solutions to Test Computer Codes Simulating Gas Dynamics Problems in Different Approximations

#1820Software for Modeling Flows with Large Deformations

Developing of Three-Dimensional Code for Flows with Large Deformations Modeling Using Irregular Grids

#1866Discharge Influence on Supersonic Boundary Layer

Investigation of Discharge Influence on Boundary Layer in Supersonic Airflow

#2021Magnetic Effects in Liquid Metal Flows

Experimental Investigations of Magnetic Field Interactions with Turbulent Flows of Liquid Metals: Dynamo Process and Flow Control in Technological Devices