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#2306Rectifier on a Heat-into-Electricity Thermionic Converter Basis

Creating the High Current Low Voltage Rectifier on a TEC Basis (TEC-Rectifier)

#2596Pulsed Gas Lasers Based on SOS-Diodes

Pulsed Gas-Discharge Lasers with Pumping from Inductive Energy Store with Semiconductor Opening Switch

#2706Pulsed UV and VUV Radiation Sources

Study and Creation of Pulsed UV and VUV Sources of Spontaneous Radiation with High Power Density

#2881Sensors for Measuring Magnetic Fields

Controllable Magnetosensitive Sensors Intended for Operation in Extreme Physical Fields

#G-1255Plasma Machine for Surface Treatment

Creation of Long-Lived Plasma Machine Consisting of Both Non-Transferred Arc Plasma Torch and Power Source with Deeply Dropping Characteristic for Surface Treatment of Construction Materials