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#0152Recycling of Automobile Tires

Design of Pressure Destruction Technology for Processing Waste Automobile Tires with Metal Cord and Development of New Composite Polymeric Materials with the Use of Products of Tire Processing.

#0152-2Recycling of Automobile Tires

Development of Barodestruction Technology of Technology of Recycling Scrap Tyres with Steel Cord and Creation of New Composite Materials Using the Products of Scrap Type Processing

#0374MHD-Generators for Geology

Pulsed High-Power Systems for Geology and Geophysics.

#2556Hydrogen-Oxygen Steam Generator

High Pressure Hydrogen-Oxygen Steam Generator for Power Industry and Energy Technology

#G-539Wind Energy Cadastre of Georgia

Investigation of Wind Energy Resources of Georgia and Creation of Wind Energy Cadastre

#G-891Wasteless Biotechnologycal Cycle for Reprocessing Municipal Wastes

Development of Wasteless Biotechnological Cycle for Reprocessing of Municipal Solid Wastes with Production of Energy and Organic-Mineral Fertilizers