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#0126Coal Gasification

Development of the coal extraction waste and coal cleaning processing and utilization of sub-standard coals by gasification.

#1632Solid Propellant Utilisation

Development of Physicochemical Principles and Technology for Utilisation of Large-Scale Composite Solid Rocket Propellant Charges

#2358Ecological Evaluation of Solid Propellant Firing

Development of Methods for Evaluation and Diminishing Ecological Hazards upon Open Firing Large Scale Solid Propellant Charges

#2937Oil Bio Destruction Suppression

Development of Oil Bio Destruction Suppression Methods in Industrial and Natural Storages

#3672Hydrogen and Helium in Metals

Hydrogen Isotopes and Radiogenic Helium in Metals

#G-1624Bioprocess for Fuel Ethanol

Development of a Novel, Cost-Effective Bioprocess for Production of Fuel Ethanol from Herbaceous Lignocellulosic Wastes

#G-2117Stable enzymes for fuel ethanol

Extremophilic mycelial fungi stable enzymes for the creation of biotechnology of production of fuel-bioethanol from agricultural and industrial lignocellulosic wastes