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#2145Neutron Therapy Planning System

Development of a Treatment Planning System for the Snezhinsk Neutron Therapy Center

#2221Tumor Thermoradiotherapy Enhancement

Complex Research into Thermoradiotherapy Efficiency Enhancement due to Simultaneous Action of Ionizing Radiation and Heat on the Tumour and Development of Relevant Equipment

#2280Immobilized Porphyrins for the Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer

Development of the Systems on the Base of Porphyrins Immobilized on Polymer Carriers Providing Controlled Generation of Singlet Oxygen to Carry out the Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer

#2340Pharmacological Correction of Reproductive Function Disorder

Experimental Study of Pharmacological Possibility for Correcting of Male Reproductive Function Induced by Trimethylphosphate

#2569Neutron Source for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

Accelerator Based Neutron Source for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

#2650High Activity Generator for Radiotherapy

Development of High Activity Stationary Medical Generator of W-188/Re-188 and Cold Kits to the Generator for Radiotherapy on the Basis of Re-188 Eluate

#2684Investigation of Muscular Tissue State

Non-invasive Electromagnetic Investigation of Muscular Tissue State

#2780Radiotracers for Positron Emission Tomography

Development of Novel Methods for the Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure Fluorinated Amino Acids Labeled with Fluorine-18, Radiotracers for Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

#3341Neutron Capture Therapy at the MEPhI

Implementation of an Irradiation Base for Clinical Studies on Neutron Capture Therapy at the IRT MEPhI Nuclear Reactor with use of an Epithermal and Thermal Neutron Beam

#3437Pulse Generator for Cancer Treatment

The Development of Methods and Apparatus for Cancerous Growth Diagnostics and Therapy on the Base of Neutron and X-Ray Radiation Pulse Generator

#3563Planning System for Proton Therapy

Modernization of a Treatment Planning System for Proton Therapy (Development of Monte Carlo Codes, Databases, Treatment Planning System Verification, Verification of Complicated Treatment Plans)

#3591Cancer Therapy by Carbon Ions

Experimental Investigation of the Efficiency of Cancer Therapy by Carbon Ions at the TWAC-ITEP Facility

#3605Facility for Neutron Capture Therapy

Medical Facility for Neutron Capture Therapy Based on Compact Tandem Accelerator

#3996Simultaneous Action of Radiation and Heating on Tumor

Further Progress of Research and Development of Methods and Equipment for Simultaneous Action of Radiation and Heating (SARH) on Tumors for Increasing Therapeutic Effect

#A-125Armenian Center of Radiation Therapy

The Technical Project of the Radiation Theraphy Center Establishment

#A-1677Potential Active Amino Acids and Peptides

The Synthesis of Potential Biologically Active Heterocycle Substituted a-Amino Acids and Peptides. Investigation of their Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antitumor Properties

#A-2089Effective method for monitoring environmental state in a post-radiation period

Development of a new effective method for monitoring environmental state by investigating changes in biological membrane structures in a post-radiation period after an accident at nuclear power plant (NPP)

#B-1804Lane-Consistent Optical Potential

Dispersive Line-Consistent Optical Potential for Accurate Predictions of Nucleon-Nucleus Reactions Cross-Sections for Different Applications

#B-479Gradient Laser Fields in Biology

Biophysical Application of Gradient Laser Fields: Development of Physical Principles and Study of the Influence on Biological Objects

#K-465Dose Rates for Population Near Semipalatinsk

Complex Examination of Semipalatinsk Test Site Region Population by Advanced Dosimetry Methods