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#G-059Insulating materials for Radiation Hardened Integrated Circuits

Development of New Type Insulating Material for the Radiation hardened Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Integrated Circuits.

#G-202Sub-Micron Miniaturization of Household Electronics

Development of the Technologies Excluding the Usage of Precious Metals and Toxic Substances on Production of Radioelectronic Articles and Consumers Goods as well as Providing Sub-Micron Miniaturization

#G-258Surface Passivation Technology for GaAs

Development of the New Surface Passivation Technology for the Microwave Integrated Circuits on GaAs

#G-593Conductive Polymer Composites

Creation of New Conductive Polymer Composites Capable to Work in Extreme Conditions

#K-1117Metallized Polyimide Films

Development of Technology of Electra- and Heatconductive Metallized Polyimide Constructs with High Reflectivity

#K-191Silicon Production from Industrial Waste

Development of Scientific Basis and Technology for Silicon Production from the Wastes of Phosphorus Industry