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#A-1523Ultraviolet Glass

A New Technology for Obtaining Complex Glass Charge for Manufacture Uviol Glass

#A-1563Antitumoural Nanocomposites

Formation of Metal Oxide Nanocomposites with Anticancer Activity from the Salicylidene Amino Acids Family

#A-1591Lead Free Glass Frits and Ceramics

New Lead & Alkali Free Low Melting Sealing Glass Frits & Ceramic Fillers

#A-189Electromelting of Glasses

The Elaboration of the Compositions, Research of Physical-Chemical Properties and Working out the Electromelting Technology of the Highsiliceous Glasses in Direct Heating Garnisage Furnace

#A-192Electron Beams for Hydride Formation

The Influence of Electrons Beams on Formation of Binary and Multicomponent Hydrides with Extremal Properties

#A-1962Antitumoral Zinc Oxide Composite Drugs

Development of Zinc Oxide Composites of Antitumor Drugs and Antitumor Compounds with High Antitumor Activity and Low Toxicity

#A-2123W-Cu Composite Nanomaterials

Combustion Synthesis and Characterization of W-Cu Composite Nanomaterials

#A-2130Control of light in structured nonlinear media

Control of light in structured nonlinear media: Application to all-optical devices

#A-254Resistive Materials from Tailings

Development of a Technology of New Resistive Materials from Tailings of Natural Minerals

#A-264Artificial Diamonds and Diamond Like Films

Non-Traditional Methods of Obtaining Diamonds and Diamond-Like Films and Improving Their Properties

#A-613Eficient Scintiilators for Medical Applications

Development of Efficient LuAP and Related Scintillators for Medical Imaging

#A-952Rafaelites - New Multi-Purpose Glass Ceramics

Rafaelites - Basis for Developing of New Multi-Purpose Glass Ceramics

#B-263Crystals for Tunable IR-Lasers

Working out of Crystal Growing Process for Tunable IR-Lasers

#B-277Thermal Synthesis of Alloys from Scrap

Investigations and Elaboration of Technology for Gas-Thermal Synthesis of Refractory Alloys from Scrap and Military Conversion Raw Materials

#B-542Solar Cells Based on Cu(In,Ga,Zn)Se2 Thin Films

High Efficiency Solar Cells Based on Cu (In, Ga, Zn) Se2 Thin Films Prepared by Selenization of Co-Sputtered Metal Alloy Layers

#G-016Boron-10 Materials Production

Development of Technologies for Boron-10 Isotope Modified Boron-containing Materials Production and their Properties Investigation.

#G-032Oxygen Implanted Materials

Development of Oxygen Ion-Implanted Collector materials for Thermal Emission Converters of Thermal Energy into the Electric One.

#G-1196Plasma Torch for Spraying of Powder Materials

Development and Research of the Method and Plasma Torch for Spraying of Powder Materials by High-Enthalpy Laminar Plasma Flow

#G-1335Spin-polarized transport in ferromagnetic semiconductors

Comprehensive analysis of the spin transport in discrete alloys „semiconductor – ferromagnet“ with controlled disorder

#G-218Boron materials Production

Investigation of the Highly Pure Boric Acid and Elemental Boron Labeled with Boron-10 or Boron-11 Isotopes Production Processes and Gain in Efficiency of Boron Isotopes Concentrating Process