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#0030Industrial Diamonds

Physics of controlling pulse technology for diamond synthesis and compaction.

#0041Pulsed Plasma Source

Development of pulsed plasma source for technological processes.

#0042Wide Aperture Plasma Accelerator

Development of wide aperture plasma accelerator with a low-flow rate of gas for technical purposes.

#0044Ion beam Recuperator

Ion beam energy recuperator.

#0058Hydride Metals

Technical Appliances and Technology on the Base of Metal Hydrides


New forms of condensed carbon: quasi-two-dimensional graphites and fullerenes.

#0130Superconducting Films

Ion synthesis of high temperature superconducting films.

#0168Erbium-Doped Silicon

Erbium-Doped Silicon. New Semiconductor Material for Nonlinear Optics.

#0193Radiation Resistant Plastic Scintillators

Design and Study of New Radiation Stable Materials for Use as Scintillators for Radiation Control

#0198Surface Modification of Superhard Materials

Development of Surface Modification Techniques for Superhard Materials.

#0223Water Soluble Crystals

Development of Single-Sector, Rapid-Growth Technologies for Production of Water Soluble Crystals.

#0227Treatment of Optical Parts

Optical Materials and Methods of Treatment of High-Precision Optical Parts.

#0251Rare Elements for Use in Lasers

Development of a New Active Medium on the Basis of Rare-Earth Scandium Borates and Development of Laser Sources Emitting in the 0,53 1,06 and 1,5 mm Wavelength Ranges

#0256Fluoride Glasses for Detectors

Devising and Production of Radiation Hard Fluoride Glasses as Detectors for Application on Future Accelerators in Nuclear Physics.

#0323Tritium Targets for Neutron Tubes

Development of Tritium Targets for Small-dimension Sealed Neutron tubes with High Reliability ("INTEGRITY").

#0470Power Materials Acceleration

Physical Processes of Power Materials Microparticles Acceleration in Pulsed Electrothermal Launcher.

#0478Heat Insulating Material

Development of Formulation and Pilot Technology for Production of Noncombustible Heat Insulating Material

#0507Heat Resistant Fibers

Development of Structure and Fabrication Technology of Heat Resistant Fibrous Composites.

#0545Fluoride Glasses for Fibers

Development of High-purity Fluoride Glasses and Optical Fibers on their Basis for Application in Instrument Making and for Manufacturing Optical Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers.

#0580Surface Strengthening Using Electron Beams

The Surface Strengthening of Industrial Materials by a Strong Electron Beam in Atmosphere