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#0364Sintering of Ceramics by HF-Radiation

Sintering and Joining of Ceramic and Composite Materials by Using Millimeter-wave Radiation.

#0392-2Optical Ceramics

Luminescent Optical Ceramics for X-rays Medical Techniques

#0733Al Oxide Aerogel Production

Physico-Chemical Bases of Aluminium Oxide Aerogel Synthesis and Development of Continuous Technology for its Production from a Ga-Al Liquid Metal System

#1819Plutonium Ceramic in Underground Storage

Study of Plutonium Ceramics Alteration under Conditions of Underground Disposal

#1859Magnetic Sensors Based on CMR Effect

Design and Fabrication of Magnetic Field Sensors and Devices Controlled by Magnetic Field on the Base of Colossal Magnetoresistance Materials

#2040Computer Modeling of Ceramics Pressing

Developing of Code for Modeling of the Processes of Ceramics Pressing

#2455Aluminum Alloys with Ceramic Coatings

Development of Wear-Resisting Materials “Aluminum Alloy-Ceramic Coating” Produced by Shaped Casting and Plasmoelectrolitic Oxidation

#2760Correlation of Nanotubes Parameters

Correlation of Electron Properties of Individual Carbon Nanotubes, Atomic Structure and Parameters of Catalytic Synthesis

#3357Oxide Nanostructures

Fabrication of Nanostructures on the Base of Oxides of Mixed Valence Metals and Investigation of their Structural, Magnetic and Electron Properties

#3366High-strength Ceramics

Methods of Improving Alumina Ceramics Strength

#3501Low-Dimensional Metal-Oxide Compounds

Synthesis of New Low-Dimensional Metal-Oxide Compounds with Spin Gaps and Determination of Their Fundamental Сharacteristics

#3719Optical Nanoceramics

Formation of Grain Boundaries in Optical Nanoceramics

#3836Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Devices

Development of Technological Grounds for Creation of High Performance Single-Walled Nanotube Electronic Devices

#A-1486Nonlinear Oriented Tape Glass-Ceramics

New Generation Highly Effective Electro- and Light-Active Nonlinear Oriented Tape Glass-Ceramics on the Basis of Stoichiometric Three-Coordinated Borates

#A-1591Lead Free Glass Frits and Ceramics

New Lead & Alkali Free Low Melting Sealing Glass Frits & Ceramic Fillers

#A-288New Types of Glass and Glass Ceramics

Alkaline-Earth Aluminum Borates as a Basis of Developing New Kinds of Glass Ceramics

#A-540Thermal Shock Resisting Corundum Ceramics

The Development of the Thermal Shock Resistance Aluminum-Oxide Vacuum Tight Ceramics

#A-952Rafaelites - New Multi-Purpose Glass Ceramics

Rafaelites - Basis for Developing of New Multi-Purpose Glass Ceramics

#K-388Calcium Phosphate Bioceramics

Calcium Phosphate Bio-Ceramics from Calcium Olygophosphates

#K-505Ceramic Technology for Beryllium Oxide

Development of Technology for Production of Ceramic Articles from Beryllium Oxide by Using the Method of Moulding with Ultrasound