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#0056Airport Neutron X-ray Generator

Development of an installation to detect explosives in luggage and postage packages based on pulsed neutron and X-ray generator.

#0121Krypton Calorimeter

The design and construction of a cryostat and vacuum windows for a large liquid Krypton calorimeter for use in high energy physics experiments.

#0182Radon and Thoron Measurements

Multipurpose Portable Equipment for Radon, Thoron and its Progeny Measurements, Radon, Thoron in Water, Radon and Thoron exhalation Rate in Building Materials and Soil.

#0345Tracker System for ALICE Experiment

Research and Development Towards the Technical Design and the Manufacturing of the Inner Track system (ITS) and of the Forward Multiplicity detector (FMD-MCP) for the ALICE Experiment at CERN.

#0348Radioactive and Fissionable Materials Detection

Development of Methods and Pilot of Equipment for Use in Systems of Detection of the Presence and Identification of Radioactive and Fissionable Materials.

#0438Sensitivity of X-ray Semiconductor Detectors

Measurements of Absolute Spectral Sensitivity and Time Resolution of X-rays Impulse Semiconductor Detectors Using Synchrony Radiation.

#0531Microwave Generation by FEL

Generation of Microwave Radiation by FEL with Sheet Electron Beam and Two-dimensional Distributed Feedback.

#0596Identification of Fissionable Materials

Development of Technology of Non-destructive Identification of Fissile Materials in Control Stations

#0629Magnetoresistive Sensors

New Materials for High-sensitive Magnetoresistive Sensors with Wide Field of Application

#0656Nuclear-Free World

Technical Issues of Ensuring International Stability (Securyty) in the Nuclear-Free World

#0702Lung Diagnostics

Device for Early Diagnostics of Lung Function by Method of Forced Oscillation

#0728Cherenkov Quartz Calorimeter

Cherenkov Quartz Calorimeter

#0774Residual Stresses Determination

Development of Experimental-Numerical Methods and Equipment for Residual Stresses Determination in Welded Pipelines

#0832Mutagen and Carcinogen Hazard

Detection of Mutagen and Carcinogen Hazard by Physico-Chemical Techniques

#0977Porous Silicon Photodetectors

Fabrication of Porous Silicon Based Photodetectors for Visible and UV Ranges and Study of their Properties

#1050Mobile Device for Explosives Detection

Development of Methods and Building a Mobile Device for Explosives Detection

#1104Arc Guard Device

Development of the Arc Guide Device with the Distrubuted Fiber Optical Sensor of Light Exposure for Electric Power Industry

#1107Gallium Arsenide System

Gallium Arsenide System for Low-Dose X-ray Imaging

#1199Superconducting Receiver for Submillimeter Band

Development of a Fully Superconducting Integrated Receiver for Submillimetre Wavelengths

#1275Solid State Electron Multiplier

A Solid-State Electron Multiplier of Multipurpose Application Based on Geiger Mode Microcells