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#0277Earth and Sun Location Sensors

The Elaboration of High Precision Measurement System on the Basic of the CCD-Sensors.

#0737Optical Superradiance

Optical Superradiance and Transident Processes in Extanded Resonance and Optical Waveguide Media

#0817Book on Detonation Sensors

Writing the Book "Design of Detonation Sensors for the Control Systems of the Car Engines"

#0922Wave Tube for TV Transmitter

Development of Powerful High Efficiency Broadband Traveling Wave Tube for TV Transmitter of New Generation in Band IV-V

#1030Acoustoelectronic Components for Communication and Control Systems

Research and Development of Acoustoelectronic Components for Communication and Environmental Control Systems of the New Generation

#1239Microbolometer for Astrophysics Observations

Investigation and Development of the Ultrahighsensitive Terahertz Frequency Band Hot-Electron S-LN-S Microbolometer for Extra Atmosphere Astrophysics Observations and Measurements

#1644Nuclear Materials Identification

Technology of Nuclear Materials Identification with the Help of the Equipment Measurement-control Complex and Development of Commercial Proposal on its Application

#1708Ferroelectric Films in Radioelectronics

Ferroelectric Film Structures for Application in Radioelectronic Devices

#1726Piezoelectric Sensors

Development of Prospective Sensors and Piezotechnique Devices

#1831Non-Radiation Methods for Nuclear Materials Monitoring

Application of Non-Radiation Methods for Nuclear Materials Accounting, Control and Identification

#1915Ultrasonic Industrial Defectoscope

Research and Development of the Ultrasonic Instrument for Industrial Quality Control and Quality Assurance for the Ecological Safety of Industrial Organizations

#1919Tamper Indication System

Tamper Indicating Device Complex Development and Implementation within NM Protection, Control and Accountability System (MPC&A)

#2062Development of MARS-2000 System

Development of Data Acquisition and Processing System of Integrated Physical Protection System MARS-2000

#2108Noncontact System for Dynamic Monitoring of Objects

Noncontact System for Dynamic Monitoring of Objects

#2341Automated Optical Registration System

The Elaboration and Design of an Automatic System for Recording and Processing the Optical Images of Gasdynamic Processes

#2896Ferroelectric Films

Planar Layered Structures Based on Ferroelectric Films Intended for Applications in Radioelectronic Tunable Devices of Millimeter Wavelength Band

#2920Power-Meter for Soft X-Ray Radiation

Absolute Measuring Instrument of Power on the Basis of High-Temperature Superconducting Thermometer as the Primary Standard Detector for Soft X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation

#3195Smart Vision Sensor development

Development, Production of the Prototype and Demonstration of the Smart Vision Sensor for Broad Application

#3262Polyfiber Infrared Systems

Combinatorics, Research and Development of Multifunctional Polyfiber Infrared Systems for Delivery and Processing Molecular and Thermal Information of Exploratory, Industrial and Biomedical Purpose

#3504Updated Atomic Database

Atomic Database SPECTR-W3 for Plasma Spectroscopy and Other Applications