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#1342Information System for Tumours Centre

The Experimental Chemotherapy of Tumours Information System of Cancer Research Centre RAMS

#1785Atomic Database for Web Applications

Online Database on Spectral Properties of Atoms and Ions on the World Wide Web

#2117Photochromes for Optical Memory

Photochromes for New Generation of Highly Efficient Computers with Three Dimensional (3D) Optical Memory

#2184Situational Center

Creation of Computing System of Regional Situational Center

#2542Geoinformation System for Ekaterinburgh

Geoinformation System to Ensure Ekaterinburg’s Environmental Safety

#2976Super-High Density Optical and Magnetic Memory

Study for Possible Design of Optical and Magnetic Memory with Super-High Recording Density with the Use of Femtosecond Laser Radiation and Atomic-Force Microscopy

#3079Russian Nuclear Cities Web site

Development of a Web Site for Distribution and Commercialization of Scientific and Technological Projects of the Russia Nuclear Cities

#3504Updated Atomic Database

Atomic Database SPECTR-W3 for Plasma Spectroscopy and Other Applications

#3755Non-Ideal Plasma of the Sun

Physical and Chemical Evolution of Nonideal Plasma of the Sun Inferred from Modern Helioseismic Data

#G-2126Radio waves propagation in magnetized collision plasma

Development and application of radio waves propagation in turbulent magnetized collision plasma