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GLOBUS-M Tokamak

#0159-2GLOBUS-M (Add 1)

GLOBUS-M Tokamak

#0159-3GLOBUS-M (Add 2)

GLOBUS-M Tokamak

#0159-4GLOBUS-M (Add 3)

Commissioning of Globus-M installation and collaborative fusion research with NSTX

#0221Magnetic Nozzle Device

Magnitized plasma Heating Research in MHD-Nozzle Device.

#0503MAGO- System for Fusion

Studying the Feasibility to Solve the CTF Problem on MAGO System Base.

#2805Hydrogen Trapping and Release

Hydrogen Trapping and Release at Plasma and Ion Interaction with Solids

#3828Dust Technologies for Thermonuclear Fusion

Dust Technologies for Thermonuclear Fusion

#K-1561Tokamak Divertor on the Base of Lithium

Development and Manufacturing of Demonstration Models of KTM Tokamak Divertor In-Vessel Plasma Facing Elements on the Base of Liquid Lithium