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#0003Modeling Nuclear Accidents

Theoretical and numerical models of severe nuclear reactor accidents due to inadvertent reactivity insertion and calculation of the radioactive pollution source parameters.

#0040Nuclear Materials Accounting

System design for safeguarding nuclear materials utilized at complex nuclear facilities.

#0065Reactor Accident Loading

Technique of forecasting loads on nuclear reactor containment during severe accident conditions.

#0066Reactor Wall Loading

Accelerated flame propagation and deflagration-detonation transition in large volumes of hydrogen-steam-air mixtures with aim to determine and reduce loads on nuclear reactor containment under severe accident conditions.

#0109Strength Regulations for Ship Reactors

Strength regulations for ship NPPS and the USA Asme Code (comparative analysis).

#0124Chemical Explosions

Initiation and development of chemical (chain and thermal) explosions in reactors and energy-producing apparatus.

#0282Safeguarding Devices for NPP

Development of Safeguarding Devices for Localization of Severe accidents Releases at Nuclear Power Plant.

#0408Explosive Melt-Water Interaction

Investigation of Explosive Melt-Water Interaction (Steam Explosion) under Severe Accidents at NPPs with Light Water Reactors.

#0560Software for Nuclear Control

Development of a Computerized Nuclear Control and Accounting for Implementation in Russian Facilities.

#0650Safety of Advanced Fast Reactors

Study on the Physical and Engineering Problems Concerning the Increase in Safety and Actinides Burning Efficiency of Advanced Fast Reactor

#0685Self-protection of Reactors

Research of Nuclear Safety and Inherent Safety of High-temperature Gas-cooled Modular Type Reactors (HTGR-M).

#0685.2Self-protection of Reactors

Nuclear Safety and Inherent Self-Protection Investigations for Modular High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors (HTGR-M)/Experimental Demonstration in the ASTRA Facility of the Inherent Safety Characteristics of HTR's

#0772Optical Control of Nuclear Materials

Development of Methods for Creation and Registration of Unique Recognizable Optical Images for Nuclear Material Control

#0833Corium Interaction with Reactor Vessel

Investigation of Corium Melt Interaction with NPP Reactor Vessel Steel (Metcor)

#0833.2Corium Interaction with Reactor Vessel

Investigation of Corium Melt Interaction with NPP Reactor Vessel Steel (METCOR)

#0963Uranium Container for Fuel Transportation

Development of a Technical Design for DU-shielded Transport Cask with Increased Spent Nuclear Fuel Specific Loading

#0968Concept of Nuclear Submarines Utilization

The Conception of the Russian Nuclear Powered Submarines Inactivation and Recycling at the State Center of Nuclear Shipbuilding Industry (GRTsAS) Plants

#1003Monitoring of Electrical Equipment of NPPs

Dose, Temperature and Reliability Monitoring on Electrical Equipment for Nuclear Power Plants and Space Communication Systems

#1222Surface Decontamination by Solution

Development of Technology for Metal Surface Decontamination in Aqueous Solutions

#1246Nondestructive Burnup Measurements

Nondestructive Control of a Burnup Depth of Spent Fuel for RBMK-1000 Reactors in Storage Pond of Nuclear Power Plants