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#0067Simulation of Reactor Dynamics

Simulation of complex dynamic processes in nuclear power plants. Development of basic program codes. Adaptation of the codes to multi-processor computers.

#0115Reactor Kinetics

Partnership for basic research and education in nuclear reactor safety and novel application of transport theory.

#0116Verification of Reactor Data Bases (R)

Development of methodical and calculation technology verification of nuclear data bases used in the calculation of neutron-physical characteristics and in analysis of nuclear safety of reactor facilities and nuclear conversion technological processes.

#0134Transmutation in Fast Reactors

Experimental and calculation investigation to validate the concept of the reactor technology with ultimate neutronics and thermal-hydraulic characteristics.

#0321Research and Training Reactor PIK

Functional Training-Simulating Complex of the Research Reactor PIK (FTSC PIK).

#0683Benchmarks for Chernobyl Simulation

The Benchmarks for Mathematical Simulation of Chernobyl-4 Accident

#0815.2Codes for Nuclear Safety Evaluation

Development of Computerized Technology for Critically Safety Uncertainty Evaluation based on the Analysis of Data for the International Bank for Critical Experiments

#0909-2Two-Cascade Power Blanket

Study of Neutron Multiplication in Media for Creating a Frequency Two-Cascade Energy Blanket

#1086Monte-Carlo Nuclear Reactor Code

Monte-Carlo Code Development for Spatial Neutron Transient Calculations of NPP Core

#1950Phase Diagrams for Corium

Phase Diagrams for Multicomponent Systems Containing Corium and Products of its Interaction with NPP Materials (CORPHAD)

#1950.2Phase Diagrams for Corium

Phase Diagrams for Multicomponent Systems Containing Corium and Products of its Interaction with NPP Materials

#2894Non-Destructive Determination of Welding Residual Stress

Development of a Non-Destructive Method and Equipment for Determination of Welding Residual Stress on the Basis of Coherent Photonics and Computer Modeling

#2916Nuclear Fuel Behavior During Chernobyl Accident

Development of the Models for Nuclear Fuel Behavior During Active Phase of Chernobyl Accident

#2936Reactor Core Melting

Modelling of Reactor Core Behaviour under Severe Accident Conditions. Melt Formation, Relocation and Evolution of Molten Pool

#3194Fuel Assembly Under Severe Accident Conditions

Fuel Assembly Tests under Severe Accident Conditions

#3345Ex-Vessel Source Term ANalysis (EVAN)

Source Term Assessment at Ex-vessel Stage of Severe Accident

#3420VVER-1000 Reactor Pressure Vessel

Material Science Work Package for Lifetime Extension of VVER-1000 Reactor Pressure Vessels (RPV) from High Nickel Materials

#3592Corium Melt Interaction with Reactor Vessel Steel

Investigation of Corium Melt Interaction with NPP Reactor Vessel Steel

#3635VVER Vessel in Severe Accident

Scale Experimental Investigation of the Thermal and Structural Integrity of the VVER Pressure Vessel Lower Head in Severe Accident

#3690Fuel Assemblies under Severe Accident

Study of Fuel Assemblies under Severe Accident Top Quenching Conditions in the PARAMETER-SF Test Series