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#0012Laser Isotope Separation

Creation of a Technological Laser Complex for Laser Separation of Middle Mass Isotopes.

#0012-2Laser Isotope Separation

Creation of a Technological Laser Complex for Laser Separation of Middle Mass Isotopes.

#0962Alpha-Emitting Radionuclides for Medicine

Development of Extraction and Deep Purification Technologies of Alpha-Emitting Radionuclides for Medical Application

#1289Gamma-Sources Based on Spent Europium Control Rods

Experimental Study of Europium-152, 154, 155 Gamma-Sources, Obtained from Spent Control Rods of Transport, Power and Research Reactors

#1306Isotopes Recovery for Te-125 Generator

Development of Methods for Antimony-125 Recovery from Spent Fuel and Separation of Tellurium-125m from Antimony-125 for Production of Te-125m Radionuclide Generator

#1318High Purity Plutonium-244

Development of Technology for High-Purity Plutonium-244 Production Using the Method of Electromagnetic Separation Aimed at Build-Up of Highly Enriched Plutonium-244 to Control Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Materials

#1372Transmutation Effectiveness of Nuclear Waste

Complex Radiochemical and Activation Analysis of Long-life Nuclear Waste Transmutation in Fast Reactors and in the Beams of High Energy Accelerators

#1431Intensive Neutrino Source

Calibration and Testing of the Technology for the Preparation of an Intense Neutrino Source Based on AR-37 Isotope as well as for the Calibration of an Iodine Detector of Solar Neutrinos

#1664Strontium-89 Production

Feasibility Study of New Low-Waste Technology for the Production of Fission-Fragment Strontium-89 for Medicine

#1737Gd-157 Production Using Liquid Centrifuges

Development of Technology for Enriched Gd-157 Production Using Liquid Centrifuges

#1795Alternative Technologies for Medical Radionuclide Production

Creation of Economic Alternative Technologies for Radionuclide Production for Medical Diagnostics and Therapy

#2025Radiation Sources for Brachytherapy

Complex Research and Development of Sealed Therapeutic Radiation Sources with Optimal Medical, Technical, and Economic Parameters

#2276Hydrogen and Helium in Metals

Hydrogen and Helium in Metals

#2573Laser Separation of Lead Isotopes

Investigation of Processes of High - Performance Laser Separation of Lead Isotopes by Selective for Development of Environmentally Clean Perspective Power Reactor Facilities

#2630Optimization of Monoisotope Silicon Technology

Optimization of the Test Technology of Production of Highly Enriched Silicon Isotopes for Semiconductor Quality Crystal Growth

#2965High Temperature Targets-Ions Source

Development of High Temperature Uranium Carbide Target-Ion Source Units for Production of Isotopes Far from Stability

#A-372Picosecond Timer

Development of a RF Picosecond Timing Technique Based on Secondary Electron Emission

#G-1110Boron Isotopes-Based Materials

Development of a Package of Technologies for Commercial Production of Boron Isotopes-Based Materials and Items

#G-402Boron Crystalline Monoisotopes

Preparation of Single and Polycrystalline B-10 and B-11 Monoisotopes of Beta-Rhombohedral Boron, for Usage in Devices, Containers, Covering Materials and Other Nuclear safety Facilities

#K-036Cyclotron Production of Radioisotopes

Production of Radioactive Isotopes in Republic of Kasakhstan.