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Monitoring Krypton-85.

#0085Radiation Ambient Monitoring

ISTC Environmental radiation ambient monitoring system.

#0086Ecological Modeling System

Modeling system for investigation of ecological safety problems and ecological monitoring system design.

#0240Mobile Laboratory Using Tunable Lasers

Mobile Remote Sensing System Based on Tunable Transmitter for Environmental Monitoring.

#0309Database on Hazardous Chemicals

Development of the Expert System with the Knowledge Base of Signs of Hazardous Chemical Production ("Expert").

#0342Electrochemical Instruments for Environmental Monitoring

Research and Development of Electrochemical Instruments and Procedures for Environmental Monitoring.

#0342-2Electrochemical Instruments for Environmental Monitoring

Development of On-line System Based on a Long-lived Sensor for Measuring Concentrations of Toxic Elements in River Water

#0342.3Electrochemical Instruments for Environmental Monitoring

Development of On-Line System Based on a Long-Lived Sensor for Measuring Concentrations of Toxic Elements in River Water

#0426Radar for Earth Monitoring

Development of a Multi-Frequency Polarimetric Radar Earth Monitoring System.

#0451Remote Monitoring of NPP

Design of Methods and Apparatus of Remote Monitoring of Ecological Situation of Nuclear Power-Stations in Siberia and Far East

#0484Block-Modulus Monitoring System

Block-Modulus Multifunctional Automated System of Environmental Monitoring.

#0498Monitoring of Nitrogen Originals

Development of Environmental Monitoring System for Nitrogen Containing Organic Compounds (Hydrazine, its Derivatives and a Number of Aromatic Amines) Exposed to Air By Means of Specially Made Sensors and Other Sensitive Elements.

#0509Dosimetry for Polluted Territories

Retrospective Dosimetry for Occupation and Environmental Exposure

#0535North-West Region Monitoring

Ecological Assessment of the Region, where Radioactivity Dangerous Enterprises are Located. North-West Region of Russia. Methodological Approaches to the Organizing of Ecological Monitoring System in the Vicinity of Nuclear Facilities.

#0570On-Site Inspection

Substantiation of Feasibility of Controlling the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty through On-site Inspection.

#0616Trace Detection by Pulse Laser

Trace Amount Lanthanide and Actinide Detection in Environmental Samples by Pulse Laser Radiation

#0627-2Airborne monitoring

Complex Investigations of Possible Reduction of Aviation Impact on the Environment and it's Utilisation for Ecological Monitoring

#0782Non-Destructive Control of Toxic Chemicals

Development of Technology and Means for Non-destructive Assay of Chemical Weapons and Capacities with Toxic Chemicals Using Radiation Method with Portable Neutron Generator Use

#0904Overlapping of Pipe-Lines

Hydrodynamics of Liquid Flows During Fast Overlapping of Pipelines

#0928Pedestrian Portal for Detection of Radioactivity

Transportable Pedestrian Portal Monitor with Low False Alarm Rate for Detection of the Radioactive Sources and Special Nuclear Materials and their Location