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#0269Modular Helium Reactor

Development of Conceptual Design of Modular Helium Reactor with Gas Turbine (GT-MHR).

#0271Radiation Cleaning of Gas Flow

Investigation of Physico-Chemical Processes of Cleaning Evolved Industrial Gases From Sulphur and Nitrogen Oxides and Creating a Technical Base Method of Radiation Cleaning Gas Flowers by Pulse- Repetitive Electron Beam.

#0272Minor-Actinide Burning in Fast Reactors

Studies of Fast Reactor Fuel Cycle to Burn Minor-Actinide.

#0273Radiation Characteristics of MOX Fuel

Investigation of the Radiation in Nuclear Fuel Cycle Based on Reprocessed Uranium and Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Fuel.

#0276Monograph on Pulse Reactors

Preparation of Handwriting of Book "Pulsed Reactors in RFNC-ITP. History, Working, Exploration, Investigation".

#0277Earth and Sun Location Sensors

The Elaboration of High Precision Measurement System on the Basic of the CCD-Sensors.

#0279Extraction of Fission Products from Irradiated Fuel

Studies on Extraction of Fission Products from Fast Reactor Irradiated Fuel with Minor-Actinide Additives.

#0280Optical Tomography for Medicine

Development of the Instruments for Optical 3D-Intrascopy-Medical Optical Tomography.

#0281Waste Minimization in Fuel Reprocessing

Development of Scientific Fundamentals for Active Waste Minimization in Extraction Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) Reprocessing.

#0282Safeguarding Devices for NPP

Development of Safeguarding Devices for Localization of Severe accidents Releases at Nuclear Power Plant.

#0286X-ray Fluorescence Element Analysis

Development of High-Sensitivity Technique for Energy-Dispersion X-ray Fluorescence Element Analysis (XRF).

#0289Electron Phase Transition Analysis

Analysis and Systematization of Electron Phase Transition in Condensed Materials.

#0290Plutonium Utilization in Nuclear Reactors

Process Development for Utilization of Civil and Military Plutonium in Fast and Thermal Reactors with Account for Ecology and Economics Requirements

#0291Nucleation Upon Hydrogen Isotopes Condensation

Experimental Investigation of Spontaneous Nucleation upon Hydrogen Isotopes Condensation.

#0294Ti-Ni Couplings for Pipelines

Development of an Experimental Technology for the Pipelines Demountable Joint by Couplings of Titanium Nickelide an Alloy with a Shape Memory Effect.

#0295Radiation Damage in Fast Reactors

Fundamental Research on Radiation Damage Mechanisms for Application to Fast Breeder Reactors or Future Nuclear Fusion Reactors.

#0298Investigation of Accidents at Oil-Processing Plants

Experimental and Computation-Theoretical Investigations of an Accident at an Oil-Chemical Plant Safety

#0299Superlight Source of Radiation

Superlight Source of Electromagnetic Radiation. Possibility of creation. Application for Creation of Electric Field with Extreme Parameter.

#0302Hydroenergetics Systems without Dam

Damless Autonomous Hydroenergetic System.

#0304Accelerator-Based Measurements of Minor Actinides Cross-Sections

Measurements and Analysis of Basic Nuclear Data for Minor Actinides

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