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#0130Superconducting Films

Ion synthesis of high temperature superconducting films.

#0132Vaccine for Hepatitis-A

Organization of production of inactivated vaccine against Hepatitis-A.

#0133Measles Vaccine

Technical specification for production of a live measles vaccine for oral administration.

#0134Transmutation in Fast Reactors

Experimental and calculation investigation to validate the concept of the reactor technology with ultimate neutronics and thermal-hydraulic characteristics.

#0136Fluorine Substituted Phosphates

Synthesis and evaluation of a-fluorine substituted derivatives of phosphonic acids as analogs for natural phosphates and phosphonates.

#0138Resonator Gyroscope

Low-cost hemispherical resonator for small, commercial navigation systems.

#0138-2Resonator Gyroscope

Optimization of Characteristics of Low-cost Hemispherical Resonator for small, Commercial Navigation Systems

#0139Synchrotron Radiation for Concave Surface

The use of whispering gallery effect for steering of synchrotron radiation beam and testing of supersmooth concave surfaces.

#0142Laser Monitoring for Pipelines

Development of Laser Technology for Environmental Monitoring in Gas and Product Pipeline Areas and Energy Saving of Gas and Oil Products.

#0143Slag Melting for Radioactive Waste

Development of process induction slag melting of radioactive waste.

#01443D Dosimetry for Radiation Therapy

Development of a three-dimensional dosimetry planing system for radiation therapy.

#0145Nuclear Data for Fusion

Development of a library of evaluated nuclear data of charged particles for ITER and other applications to thermonuclear fusion.

#0147Linac Beam Dynamics

Image-Based Codes for Superlinac.

#0148Laser Parameters for Medicine

The development of medical l =9.6 mm laser and special purpose accessories.

#0149Laser Dental Driller

Conversion of military IR technique to medical laser technology for dentistry.

#0150Contamination of Agricultural Products

Contamination of Agricultural Products, Dose Burden for Population and Efficiency of Countermeasurement on Contaminated Lands: Probabilistic Methods of Estimation, mathematics and Software.

#0152Recycling of Automobile Tires

Design of Pressure Destruction Technology for Processing Waste Automobile Tires with Metal Cord and Development of New Composite Polymeric Materials with the Use of Products of Tire Processing.

#0152-2Recycling of Automobile Tires

Development of Barodestruction Technology of Technology of Recycling Scrap Tyres with Steel Cord and Creation of New Composite Materials Using the Products of Scrap Type Processing

#0153Thermovision Monitors for Nuclear Reactors (R)

Thermovision system for control of NPP equipment ("Thermocont").

#0154Heavy Ion Driver for Fusion

An energy fusion system concept based on heavy-ionity driver.

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