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#T-1882Nano-Size Powders

Technological Processes Producing Nano-Sized Powders with Different Functional Properties: Synthesis, Characterization, Toxicity

#T-1954Great Silk Road as a Target for Biological Threats

STPBT-TI - The Great Silk Road – as a Target for Biological Threats of the Global Food Supply Chain

#T-2067Нigh-temperature thermoelectric materials

Development of new high- temperature thermoelectric materials on the basis of Zintl phase of pnictides rare earth elements

#T-2076Dust storm and waste tailings isotope migration in Tajikistan

Southern-Central part’s dust storm and Northern uranium wastes tailings isotope migration monitoring in Tajikistan

#T-2109Hydrogen and Thermolysis gas production by use of energy of idle water flow

Conversion of the idle water discharges from reservoirs to the Hydrogen production by electrolysis and the thermolysis gas from hydrocarbons and coals

#T-2113Optical and radar meteoroids

The optical and radar researches of the physical properties of the meteoroids of various mass

#T-2148Functional Food Additives

Biological activities from plant oligosaccharides and their complexes with polyphenol

#T-2192Hepatitis D virus infection in the Republic of Tajikistan

Hepatitis delta virus: co-infection and superinfection in Tajikistan

#U-1582HIV-1 Replication

The RNA Secondary Structure Role in HIV-1 Replication: Study by Molecular Genetics, Phylogeny, and Bioinformatics

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