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#039110-Meter Telescope

Design of a Large Astronomical Adaptive Telescope of New Generation with Segmented Primary Mirror with 10 Meters in Diameter.

#2023Extragalactic Gamma-Quanta

The Research of Extragalactic and Galactic Sources of Gamma-Quanta with Energy 1–100 TeV by Mirror Telescopes System Shalon

#2495Microlensing Effect in Radioastronomy

The Weak Microlensing Effect and Its Influence on Very Long Baseline Radiointerferometry Observation

#2626Submillimeter Receiver for Telescope at International Space Station

Investigation and Development of the Direct Detection Receiver System Based on the Superconductive Transition Edge Sensor for the Submillimeter Telescope on the International Space Station

#3001Explosive Phenomena in the Solar Corona

Investigation and Prediction of Explosive Phenomena in the Solar Corona and of Coronal Mass Ejections to Improve Safety of Aerospace Flights

#3264Solar Eruptive Phenomena

Study of Solar Eruptive Phenomena, their Influence on Space Weather and Methods of Prediction

#3332Forecasting Powerful Explosive Solar Phenomena

Development of a Computer-Aided System for Forecasting Powerful Explosive Solar Phenomena and Estimating Disturbances Caused by them in the Earth Space Environment

#3386Inert Gases Mixtures under High Pressures

Metallization of Inert Gases-Hydrogen Mixtures at High Pressures

#3918Conductive and Dielectric Properties of Deuterium

Study of Conductive and Dielectric Properties of Deuterium in Megabar Pressures Range

#3954Hard X-Ray Concentrator for Astrophysics

Development of the Advanced Systems of Concentration of Radiation of Hard X-Ray Range for Astrophysical Studies

#4030Terahertz Scanning Array Radiometers

Ultrasensitive Terahertz Range Radiometers of Sub-Diffraction Resolution with Receiving Arrays Based on the Superconducting Hot-Electron Nanobolometers-Sensors and the Procedure for Scanning and Reconstruction of Received Images

#4044Low Frequency Waves in Space Plasma

Low Frequency Electromagnetic Waves in Anisotropic High Pressure Space and Astrophysical Plasmas

#B-248Cosmic Radio Wave Detection

Development and Making a New Generation of Broadband Equipment of Analysis of Cosmic Radioradiating

#G-1118Precursors of the Caucasus Earthquakes

Triggers and Precursors of the Caucasus Large Earthquakes

#G-1834Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases for Magneto-Sensitive Patients

Prevention of Cardio-Vascular Diseases Complications in Magneto-Sensitive Patients by Use of Magneto-Compensated Wards and Geomagnetic Storms’ Forecasting

#G-1943Magneto-compensation for patients with cardio-vascular diseases

Clinical Approbation of Technology for Active Magneto-Compensation for Protection of Magneto-Sensitive Patients with Cardio-Vascular Diseases During Geomagnetic Storms

#G-2025An imitation test on magneto sensitivity

Elaboration of an imitation test on magneto sensitivity as one criterion for the selection of astronauts and pilots

#G-2298Geomagnetic field influence on magnetosensitive humans

The study of Geomagnetic field influence on the autonomic regulation of healthy magnetosensitive humans

#G-2386Identification of magneto sensitivity

Identification of a specific mechanism on magneto sensitivity

#K-302Artificial Space Objects Observation

SATELLITE, the Creation of an Astronomical Automatic Ttelevision System for Observations of Artificial Space Objects on the Basis of Conversional Technical Means