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#0318Technology for Artificial Kidney Device

Technology Development for Producing of Hemodialysers Used in Artificial Kidney

#0398Biological Processes in Electrosurgery

Theoretical and Experimental Researches of Physical and Biological Processes in the Region of Discharge for High-frequency Elecrosurgery and Development of Methods for Control of those Processes to Ensure the Optimal Regimes of Surgical Action.

#0588Artificial Lungs

Development and Clinical Testing of Oxygenators (Artificial Lungs).

#0703Determination of Eye Cornea Curvature

Development of Laser Meter of Eye Cornea Curvature For Application in Medicine

#0756Oxygen Generators for Medicine

Generation of Ultra Pure Oxygen and Oxygen-Ozone Mixtures for Medical Purposes.

#0800Proton Beam Scanner for Medicine

Multichannel Computerized System for the Measurements of 3D Medical Proton Beam Dose Distributions

#0863Single-Photon Tomograph

A Mobile Single-Photon Emission Tomograph for Brain Death Detection and Evaluation of Scull-Trauma Severity at Mass Disasters and Car Accidents

#0937Working Dental Laser

Small-sized 3-mcm Dental Laser

#0942Magnetoresonance Tomograph

Research of Ways and Development of Magnetoresonance Tomograph with a Pulsed Magnetic Field

#0971X-ray Diagnostics for Emergency Medicine

Research and Development of X-ray Diagnostics Techniques and Equipment for the Emergency Medicine

#1002Treatment of Eye Cancer

Complex Calculation and Experimental Research to Select the Optimal Composition and Application Mode of Ophthalmic Applicators for Treatment of Eye Cancer

#1040Human Defense from Highly Toxic Agents

New Principle for Protection of Humans and Development of Protectors Against Highly Toxic Agents

#1059Neutron Therapy

Feasibility Study for the Creation of a Neutron Therapy Centre on the Basis of Nuclear Reactors

#1073Brain and Heart Function Diagnosis

Development and Manufacture of an Operating Mock-up of a Complex for Automatized Brain and Heart Function Diagnosis

#1080.2Automated Ultrasonic Hyperthermia Complex

Development of an Ultrasonic Hyperthermia Automated Complex for the Treatment of Oncologic Diseases, Code "Piezo-Thermo-Ultrasound"

#1201Crystallographic Analysis of Bio Liquids

Crystallographic Method for Study of Therapeutic Low-Frequency Magnetic Field Effects

#1272Multispectral Laser for Diseases Treatment

Development of a Working Laser Multispectral Medical Model for Therapies of diseases Causing Destructive Changes in Tissues and Accompanied by Inflammation

#1296Dispersed Aerosol Microbial Cells

Development of Technology to Obtain Fine–Dispersed Aerosol of Microbial Cells for Group Immunization of Human and Animals

#1302Telecommunication System for Laser Tumor Screening

Telecommunication System of laser Analyzers for Screening of Malignant Tumors

#1331High Voltage Discharge for Antiseptics

Development of Technology and Creation of Experimental Devices for Materials Antiseptic Processing on the Base of High Voltage Discharge in Liquid and Gas