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#0041-2Pulsed Plasma Source

Development of Pulsed Plasma Source for Technological Purposes (Demonstration)

#0096Polymer Matrix Materials

Computer synthesis of structure and physico-mechanical properties of composite materials with polymer matrix.

#0209Explosion Synthesis and Compaction

Development of Explosion Synthesis and Compaction Technology of Superhard Materials for Industrial Purposes.

#0462Microcristalline Graphite Synthesis

Development of Technology of Monocristalline Graphite Synthesis.

#0524Diamond Growing Technology

Research of Ultradisperse Diamonds as Regards the Diamond Crystal Growing Technology, i.e. the Process of Advanced Material Obtaining for the Future Applications in Electronics.

#0549Synthesis of the Materials by Ballistic Method

Multi-user Application of the TsNIIMash Large-scale Ballistic Facility.

#0557Abrasive Water-Jet Technology

Feasibility Study on Abrasive Water-jet Technology for Cutting Explosives-Containing Laminated Structures.

#0602Self-Propagating Synthesis of Materials

Formation of Inhomogeneous Structural and Designing Composite and Gradient Materials in Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS).

#0674Magnetooptic Materials

New High Speed and Sensitive Magnetooptical Materials for Numerous Applications

#0692Membrane Technology for Waste Treatment

Development of the Basis Membrane Technology of Fuel and Power Production Industry Wastes Treatment

#0746.2Radiation Modification of Materials

Development of Physical and Chemical Principles for Radiation Techniques of Material Modification by Electrons, Polyenergetic Ions and High Temperature Plasma Fluxes

#0750Laser Separation of Silicon Isotopes

Work out of the Laser Separation of Silicon Isotopes Technology Principles

#0762Photochromic Glass for Ophthalmology

New Photochromic Glass for Ophthalmology

#0768Cerium Trifluoride Powder

Polycrystalline Powder and Monocrystal Synthesis of Cerium Trifluoride for Detectors

#0811Production of Diamond Monocrystals

Production of Monocrystals and High-Strength Polycrystals of Diamond with Specified Properties by Shock and Quasi-Static Compression of Different Carbonaceous Materials Including Amorphous Carbon, Ultra-Dispersive Diamonds, Fullerits, etc.

#0957Structural Steels for Power Industry

Development of New Cracking Criteria for Structural Steels of Power Industry in Aquatic Media

#1008Optimization of Monosilicon Production

Creation of the Serial Automated Installation for Growing Silicon Monocrystals 150 - 200 mm in Diameter by Chohralsky Method

#1102Artificial Diamonds Production

Feasibility Study for Improving the Efficiency of Artificial Diamond Production by a Dynamic Method

#1114Combined Effects for Composite Synthesis

Synthesis of New Classes of Composite Materials in Conditions of Combined Environments

#1149Superhigh Magnetic Fields for Diamond Production Technology

Application of Megagauss Magnetic Fields for Improving Monolithic Diamond and Diamond-Like Material Technology, using the Dynamic-Static Compression Method