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#G-911Pipeline Hydrotransport Durability

Development of Plasma Technology for Restoring Worn Surfaces of Hydraulic Transport System Equipment and Determining their Wear Resistance

#G-912High Performance Steels with Corrosion Resistance

Low Alloyed Steels for Super-Deep Oil Wells and Metal Constructions for Natural Media of Southern Caucasus with Increased Corrosion Resistance and Mechanical Characteristics

#G-963Chromium-Manganese Nonmagnetic Steels

Corrosion- and Wear Resistant Silicon Containing Chromium-Manganese and Nickel-Chromium-Manganese Nonmagnetic Steels with Increased Strength and Toughness for Reliable Work at Normal and Cryogenic Temperatures

#G-988Isotope-modified Nanosize Coatings

Methods for Obtaining of Wear-resistant Isotope-modified Nanosize Coatings of Metals on the Base of Nitride and Carbide Compounds

#G-995Refractory Powder Alloys

Manufacturing of New Ni-Co-Cr-based Refractory Powder Alloys for the Strengthening of Coatings and Creating of the Articles Working in Extreme Conditions

#K-2415Radiation Resistance of Ultrafine Grained Stainless Steels

Radiation Resistance of Ultrafine Grained Stainless Steels

#K-2441Radiation induced magnetism for radiation measurement and non-proliferation

Using radiation-induced magnetism for a posteriori dating of reactor components and historical enrichment activities for nuclear non-proliferation

#KR-1056Nanostructured Materials from Impulse Plasma in Liquid

Nanostructured Materials from Impulse Plasma in Liquid: Studying of Physical-Chemical Properties, Optimization of Conditions of Obtaining

#KR-798Metal Forming Optimization on the Basis of Superplasticity

Optimization of Technological Processes of Metals and Alloys Volumetric Forming on the Basis of Controllable Dynamic Superplasticity

#T-1090Aluminum Alloys for Cable Technology

Creation of Low-Alloy Corrosion-Resisting Aluminum Alloys for Cable Technology

#T-1381Materials for Magnetic Refrigeration

Search of New Materials for Magnetic Refrigeration on the Basis Rare Earths, Germanium, Silicon and Bismuth

#T-1625Thermoelectric Materials with Rare Earth Elements

Search New Thermoelectric Materials on the Basis Rare Earth Elements

#T-1781Protection of Steel Constructions from Corrosive Destruction

Development of the New Effective Sacrificial Anodes on the Basis of Secondary Aluminum for Protection of Steel Constructions of Hydropower Stations and Heat Stations of the Republic of Tajikistan from Corrosion Destruction

#T-2005High-temperature thermoelectric materials

Development of High-Temperature Thermoelectric Materials on the Basis of the Pnictides of Rare Earth Elements

#T-2034High-temperature thermoelectric materials

Technological processes producing new high-temperature thermoelectric materials, synthesis, crystals growth, characterization, application

#T-2219New high-temperature thermoelectric materials

Development of new high- temperature thermoelectric materials on the basis of Zintl phase of pnictides rare earth elements and transition metals.

#T-2261New energy efficiency thermoelectric materials

Development of new thermoelectric materials for energy efficiency on the basis of pnictides

#T-2320New high-temperature thermoelectric materials

Elaboration of New High- temperature thermoelectric materials based on pnictides for Energy Conversions

#U-1500Nanosized and Thin Films Oxides Phosphors

New Nanosized and Thin Films Oxides Phosphors for Visualization and Emitting Flat Display