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#G-1166Gears From Deformed Bainitic Ductile Iron

Influence of Hot Plastic Deformation and Austempering on Structure-Property Relationships in New Ductile Iron for Gears

#G-1211High strength seamless steel pipes

Structure Forming Control from Initial Crystallization till Obtaining of High Strength Seamless Pipes According to AP1SCT N80, Realized by Chemical Composition of Steel 40NMnVTi

#G-1299Low-Cost Corrosion-Resistant Steels

Elaboration of Low-Cost Cryogenic and Corrosion-Resistant Chromium-Manganese Austenitic and Double-Phased Steels Based on Newly Revealed Phenomena in Fe-Cr-Mn System

#G-1386Initial Fractures in Steels for Nuclear Reactors

Study of the Initiating Physical Aspects of Nucleation and Growth of Microscopic Сracks and the Processes Taking Place Ahead of Microcrack (Ultra Micro) Tip at LCF in Austenitic Steels Used in Nuclear Reactors

#G-1434Hydrogen Accumulating Alloys

Elaboration of Iron Based Hydrogen Accumulating Alloys

#G-1449Titanium Based Alloys with Shape Memory Effect

Development of Multi-Component Nickel-Free Titanium based Alloys with Shape Memory Effect for Biomedical Application

#G-1465New Composite Materials

Development of the Technology of Obtaining the New Dielectric, Radiationally Shielding, Moisture and High-Temperature, Cementing Composite Materials Based on Some Ore and Polymeric Materials Matrices

#G-1669Boron Based Thermoelectric Materials

Production of High-Temperature Thermoelectric Materials by Binary Doping of Beta-Rhombohedral Boron

#G-1686Modeling of Molecular Nanotechnology Materials

Comprehensive Analyze of Modeling and Creation of Molecular Systems –Materials of Molecular Nanotechnology

#G-202-2Sub-Micron Miniaturization of Household Electronics

Development of the Technologies Excluding the Usage of Noble Metals and Toxic Substances in the Production of Devices of Radioelectronics and Consumer Goods, as well as Providing Microminiaturization

#G-2234The physics of localized plastic deformation and nano-processes in plastic zone ahead of crack tip

Physical aspects of localized plastic deformation and nanostructural changes in plastic zone ahead of microcrack tip and the reasons of nanocrack initiation after LCF in chromium austenitic steels used in power machine building

#G-2285Ferro boron master alloys

Development and obtaining of low-carbonaceous Ferro boron master alloys on the basis of stable isotopes of boron 10B and 11B by SHS technology – metallurgy

#G-2355Slurried ADI

Advancement of the high temperature oxidation properties of Austempered Ductile Iron with the high performance diffusion coatings

#G-2413Technology of producing of master alloys from manganese processing waste

Processing of manganese production waste into master alloys utilizing an environment-friendly SHS technology

#G-533Corrosion Protection of special steels and alloys

Development of the Corrosion Protection Technology for Special Steels and Alloys

#G-618Titanium-Aluminum Composites

New Structural and Composite Alloys of Ti-Al System Produced by the Method of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis for Engineering Applications

#G-713Ordered Hydrides of Rare-Earths and Their Alloys

Hydrides of Rare-Earth Metals and Their Alloys. Influence of Hydrogen Ordering on Physical Properties

#G-734Elaboration of steel ware plasma surface heat treatment technology

Elaboration and Research of Universal Plasmation with Electromagnetically Controlled Plasma Arc and Technology of High-Speed Plasma Surface Heat Treatment of Bulky Carbon Steel Ware

#G-821New Si-Ge Materials for Generators of Cosmic Use

New Highly Effective Thermoelectric Materials Based on Hard Silicon-Germanium Solution for Generators of Cosmic Use

#G-894Synthesis of Bio-active Metal-Complexes

New Production Technologies of Raw Materials and Syntheses of Biologically Active Metal-Complexes on Their Base