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#3939Service Life Prediction of Cryogenic Facilities

Service Life Prediction and Assessment of Current Mechanical Condition of Cryogenic Facilities

#3966Science Marketing - Ultrafine Grained and Nanostructured Materials

Science Marketing and Promotion Activities in the Field of Production and Processing of Ultrafine Grained and Nanostructured Materials

#3989Multicomponent Synergetic Shells

Multicomponent Synergetic Shells of Refractory Interstitial Phases with Substructural Metal Sublayer for Double Protection and Safety Enhancement of Industrial Materials Application under Ionizing Radiation Effect

#4002Nanostructured Alloys

Generation of Novel Nanostructured Materials Based on Al and Fe Nanopowders and Study of their Properties

#4005Nanostructure Composites for Superconducting Cables

Development of the New Structural Aluminium-Based Materials with Nanostructure Constituents for Superconducting Magnets Cable Sheath

#4027Nanomaterials for Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Development of High Quality Nano-Sized Cathode Material Based on Lithium Iron-Phosphate Technology and Its Application for High Power Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs) Assembling

#A-1016Synthesis and Properties Study of Nanostructures

Obtaining and Research of Physico-Chemical and Catalytic Properties of Nanosize Metals, Oxides, Carbides and Modified Natural Adsorbents

#A-1077Molybdenum Alloys Optimal Structure

Determination of Special Molybdenum Alloys Optimal Structure Using the Cybernetic Method

#A-1387Nanoamorphous Polymers with Metals

New Nanoscale Metal- Containing Polymeric Compounds on the Basis of Structure-less (Amorphous) Metals and their Derivatives

#A-1794Transition Metal Alloys for Hydrogen Storage

The Using of SHS and “Hydride Cycle” Techniques for Synthesis the Alloys of Transition Metals with High Hydrogen Adsorbing Properties, as Effective Hydrogen Storage

#A-1812Molybdenum and Multi-Component Alloys

Definition of Optimum Structure of the Special Multi-Component Alloys (In Particular Molybdenum) by a New Self Adjusting Method

#A-2131Development of technological processes for synthesis refractory metal alloys and intermetallics and theirs hydrides

Development of technological processes for synthesis in "hydride cycle" of refractory metal alloys and intermetallics, perspective as accumulators of hydrogen (hydrogen storage) and advanced structural materials

#A-2287Synthesis aluminides in Hydride Cycle

Formation of structure of hydrogen induced aluminides of IV-V group metals in hydride cycle and study of their physical - chemical properties

#A-2426Metal biodegradable stents

Development of zinc-iron biodegradable vascular stents

#A-668Surface Nano-Structures

Quantum-Chemical Modification of the Surfaces and Creation of Nanosize Amorphous and Crystalline Structures

#B-1312Nano-Chemical Surfaces Hardening

Development of environmentally friendly low-temperature thermo-chemical nanotechnologies for obtaining high performance thin films on ready-made machine parts and tools

#B-694Heat Treatment for Simulating "Damask Steel"

Development of Cost-effective Chemical Thermo-cycling Treatment Technologies of Steel Tools for Attaining Properties of Damask Steel (Combination of High Hardness, Strength and Toughness)

#G-1034Titanium Alloys for Medical Instrumentation

The New Titanium Alloys With Increased Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance for Medical Instruments and their Coatings

#G-1104Single-Phase Structural Materials

Synthesis of Ti-Al Single-Phase Materials

#G-1161Steel Modification in Ingots

Study and Development of the Process of Steel Modification in Ingots