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#3258Transport Cask for Radioactive Waste

Develop a Transport Cask for Transportation, Storage and Burial of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste Using Cast CERMET Based on Dioxide of Depleted Uranium and Steel

#3296Robot’s Gripping Device

Development of a Robot’s Gripping Device Using the Load-Bearing Elements Based on CuAlNi Mono-Crystal Shape Memory Material

#3349Bulk Amorphous Alloys

Investigation of Methods of Manufacture and Deforming Bulk Amorphous Alloys

#3351Structural-matrix models for Rolling

Development of Structural-Matrix Models for Section and Bar Rolling with Purpose of Increasing Product Quality and Economy of Production

#3385Alloys for Fuel Cell Interconnects

Development of Ti-Based Alloys with Intermetallic Coatings for SOFC Interconnect

#3435Equal-Channel Angular Extrusion for Making Materials

3D Simulations and Experimental Verification of ECA Extrusion with Varied Cross-Sectional Dimensions and Channel Shape. Investigation of Scale Effect

#3484Super High Strength and Plasticity of Metals

Development of methods for production of ultrahigh strength materials basing on combined effect of severe plastic deformation and shock-wave loading

#3487Muon-Catalyzed Fusion in Deuterium and Tritium

Investigation of the Fusion Reactions in Muonic Molecules of Deuterium and Tritium

#3493Chromium Alloy for Dies

Development of Cr Base Alloy as an Efficient Tool Material for Forging with Operation Temperature up to 1250 oC in Air

#3494Fine Titanium Powders

Development of the Technique of Manufacturing of Fine Titanium Powders for the Needs of Medical Industry

#3617Materials with High Magnetocaloric Effect

Searching for and the Development of New Materials with High Magnetocaloric Effect for Ecologically Friendly Refrigeration

#3619Metal Alloys for Mechanical Engineering

Theoretical and Technological Basis of Synthesis of Metal Alloys for Heavy-duty Mechanical-engineering Components

#3633Metal Matrix Composites

Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced by Ultra Fine Particles with High Hardness

#3725Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys

Development of Advanced Technology of Thermomechanical Treatment Forming Well-Developed Substructure and Nanocrystalline Structure for Improvement of Functional Properties of Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys

#3734Hydrogen Generator

Research and Development of Hydrogen Technology Using Activated Aluminum Composites without Rare Earth Elements to Apply in Power Engineering and Transport

#3738Catalytic Microheater for Cassette Type Fuel Cell

Development of a Multifunctional Catalytic Microheater from Metal Fiber Mesh Sheet for Portable Cassette-Type Fuel Cell Stacks

#3757Dynamic Properties of Submicro- and Nanocrystalline Materials

Investigation of Regularities of Dynamic Behavior of Materials with Submicro- and Nanocrystalline Structure

#3764Solder Ceramics and Metals

Development of a Technology to Solder Ceramics and Metals Using Active Solders Not Containing Precious Metal

#3882Super-Pure Niobium

A Super-Pure Niobium Structure Optimization and Development of the Technology of the Super-Pure Niobium Production for Linear Accelerator Superconducting Cavity Fabrication

#3906Beryllium Samples under Tritium Irradiation

Experimental Tests of Plasma-Facing Materials Designed for Thermonuclear Fusion Reactors (Be, W, CFC) under Hot Deuterium-Tritium Plasma and Fast Ion Beam Irradiation