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#2519New Semiconducting and Semimetallic Materials

New Semiconducting and Semimetallic Materials for the Electronics Industry

#2589Nano-Dispersion Copper Containing Materials

Developing the Method of Production of Nano-Dispersion Copper Containing Materials from Inorganic Waste for Use in Inorganic Materials and Organic Preparations for a Wide Range of Application

#2612Matrix Models for Rolling Process

Structure-Matrix Models for Improving Section Rolling and Wire Rod Rolling Processes and Preciseness of Rolled Shapes

#2613Optimization of Magnesium Strips Properties

Effects of Deformation Conditions and Heat Treatments on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mg-Alloy Strips

#2622Micro-Doping of Aluminum-Lithium Alloys

Micro-Alloying of Aluminum-Lithium Alloys and Optimization of Thermal Treatment Conditions

#2664Drawability of Automobile Sheet from IF-steel

Methods of Improvement of Drawability of Automobile Sheet from IF-steel

#2707Database on Characteristics of Nb3Sn Strands

Creation of a Database on Electromagnetic, Mechanical, and Thermal Parameters of Superconducting Nb3Sn Composite Strands and Components of Composite Strands

#2718Metal-Polymer Composites and Coats

Metal-Polymer Bearing Composites and Anti-Corrosion Coats on Base of Explosive-Activated Adhesion-Inert Thermoplastics

#2723Strength of IF-steels for Automobile Industry

Application of Microalloying for Increase Strength of Drawable IF-steels for Automobile Industry

#2761Damaging of Materials by Ionizing Pulse Radiation

Investigations of Mechanisms of Damaging and Microstructure and Properties Evolution of Materials in Conditions of Impact of Extreme Ionizing Radiation Pulse Fluxes for the Purpose of Radiation-Thermal Resistance Increase

#2794Oriented Structure in Multicomponent Metallic Systems

Development of New Methods of Oriented Structure Obtaining in Multicomponent Metallic Systems

#2801Combustion Processes in Pyrotechnic Materials

Investigation of the Chemical Transition Behind the Shock Front in Pyrotechnic Materials by D-U Diagram Method

#2839Radiation-Induced Processes in Reactor Materials

Fundamental Studies of Radiation-Induced Processes for Production of Radiation Resistant Structural Materials for Fission and Fusion Reactors and Future Advanced Technologies

#2851Non-Dendritic Solidification Mechanisms of Light Alloys

A Profound Study of Non-Dendritic Solidification Mechanisms at Ultrasonic Cavitation Effect upon the Melt for Obtaining Ultimate Refined Structure in Light Alloy Ingots

#2900Intra-Osseous Implants

New Materials for Intra-Osseous Implants and Methods of Their Biocompatibility Estimation

#2928High-Temperature Liquid Metal Coolant

Liquid Metal Coolant for High-Temperature Fast Reactors

#2983Joining Ultra-Dispersed Materials

Methods of Joining Metallic Ultra-Dispersed Materials

#3028Nanostructure Powders

Nanostructure Microspherical Powders

#3166Materials with shape memory effect

Study of Physical-Mechanical Properties of Materials with Shape Memory Effect with Account for Phase Transitions

#3243Scandium Powder for Lamps

Development of the Technology of Producing Scandium Metal Powder to Fill Low-Wattage Metal Halide Lamps