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#0710Beta-Alumina Solid Electrolyte

The Solid Electrolyte from Beta -Alumina and Technical Devices Based on it

#1082Electric Circuit Breakers

Carrying out Research on Developing the Electric Circuit Breakers Based on the Shape-Memory Materials

#1125High Purity Beryllium Production

Production of High-Purity (>99.99% wt.) Condensed Beryllium

#1255Materials Joining with Metal-Hydrides

Metal Hydride Method for Details Joining

#1283New Materials for Surgery

New Materials for Surgery

#1298New Alloys for Nuclear Waste Handling

Development of Scientific Bases and Technological Aspects of Creation of New Generation Hard Deformation of Cr-Ni Staainless Steels with the High Contents Boron (1,0-1,9% of Weights) on the Basis of Principles of Metallurgy of Atomized Powders of an Alloy

#1406Metal Hydride Drive for Reactor Protection

Development of Metal Hydride Drive for Nuclear Reactor Passive Emergency Protection System

#1407Metal Hydride Automobile Refrigerator

Development of Metal Hydride Refrigerator, Working on Heat of Internal Combustion Engine Exhaust Gases

#1427Rare-Earth Magnetic Materials

New Methods of Synthesis of Exchange-coupled High-Coercive Hard Magnetic Materials on the Base of Rare-Earth Ferromagnetics Using Mechanically-Induced Reactions in Solids

#1453Electroslag Melting of Titanium Alloys

Technology of Magnetically-Controlled Electroslag Melting of High-Alloyed Titanium Alloys to Improve Their Service Life and Reliability in Civil Machine-Building Application

#1499Materials for a Micro Filters

New Materials for a Micro-Filtration

#1620Doping and Radiation effects in Intermetallic Structures

Revealing of Ordered Intermetallic Based Construction Materials Phase Structure States and Radiation Defects Evolution Legitimatise under Doping, Mechanical, Thermal and Radiation Effects

#1922Nanocrystalline Alloys with Enhanced Properties

The Creation of Scientific Basis for Development of Technology for Manufacturing Sheets and Strips of Fe- and Cu-based Alloys with Nanocrystalline Structure with Enhanced Strength, Electric Conductivity and Damping Properties

#1984Membrane Catalytic Reactor for Spent Fusion Fuel

Development of a Membrane Catalytic Reactor for Recovery of a Spent T-D Mixture of Fusion Facilities

#2060Antifriction Cast-Iron

Investigation and Development of a Technology of Production of Antifriction Cast Iron Replacing Non-Ferrous Alloys

#2066Radiation Resistant Zirconium Alloys

Development of Scientific Fundamentals for Creation of Irradiation Resistant Structural Zr Alloys for Nuclear Reactor Cores

#2138Pilot Production Technology for Shape Memory Materials

Development of Pilot Production Technology of Thin Shape Memory Materials Based on Quasi-Binary Intermetallic Systems

#2158Titanium Materials with Antibacterial Properties

Research of Physicochemical Properties of Titanium Alloys and Development of Materials and Technologies Intended for Creation of Semiproduct Surfaces or Surfaces of Separate Items with Antibacterial and Deodorizing Properties

#2386Formability of Textured Sheets from Magnesium Alloys

Improvement of Formability of Textured Sheets from Magnesium Alloys

#2486Hydrogen Absorbing Alloys

Development of Production Technology of New Cheap Hydrogen Accumulating Alloys Without Rare Earth Metals for Ecologically Pure Hydrogen Energy