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#0357New Type of High Power Explosive

Scientific and Technological Grounds of Development of the New Type of Commercial Explosives of Higher Power and Safety.

#0661-2Reprocessing of High Explosives

Development of Environmentally Benign Safe Technologies for Reclamation of Explosives from Ammunition

#1614Impact Sensitivity Tests for Explosives

Study through Techniques for Impact Sensitivity Test of Commercial HE Toward a Unified Approach to Testing and Data Evaluation

#1833Pyrotechnical Cutter with Remote Control

Remote Controlled Pyrotechnical Cutter

#2032Explosive Technology for Metal Processing

Optimization of the Conditions for Dynamic Effects in the Explosive Metal Processing Technology

#2244Fire and Explosion Safety of Metal Hydrides Powder

Characterization of Fire and Explosion Ability of Metal Hydrides Powder and Development of Explosion Prevention and Protection Measures

#2595Industrial Disposal of Antipersonnel Mine

Elaboration of the Scientific and Technological Basis for Solving the Problem of the Industrial Disposal of PFM-1Antipersonnel Mine Stockpiles

#2606Thermal Decomposition of HEs Included in Industrial Perforating Systems

Predictive Model for Estimating the Effects Produced by Thermal Decomposition of HE Included in Perforating Systems of the Oil and Gas Industry on Their Normal Operation in Boreholes under Various Temperature and Time Conditions

#2608Hexogen and Octogen Utilization

Development of Scientific Grounds and Technologies for Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (RDX) and Cyclotetramethylenetetranitramine (HMX) Utilization

#2714.2Detection of Explosives by Gamma-Activation Method

Detection of Explosives by Gamma-Activation Method

#2783Liquid Explosives for Oil and Gas Wells

Study of Liquid Explosives to be Used in Oil and Gas Wells

#2849Detection of Explosives and Toxic Agents

Development of Mobile System for Detection, Localization and Destruction of Explosives and Identification of Toxic Agents Inside of Suspect Objects, which are Found in Public Places

#2903Explosive Decontamination Means

Ecological Deactivation/Decommissioning of Radioactive Wastes Storage Facilities

#3018Industrial Application of Explosions

Monograph "Industrial Application of Explosions"

#3022Performance of Perforator Shape Charges

Performance Analysis of Perforator Shaped Charges at High Temperatures and Pressures

#3111Advanced Perforator Charges

Development of a Suite of Software Modules for Computer-Aided Design and Testing of Advanced Perforator Charges Based on PRODAS Gas Dynamics Program

#3120Shaped-charge Perforation

Permeability Analysis of Deformation Zone Formed by Shaped-charge Perforation

#3129Luminescent methods for high explosives identification

Investigations on Possibilities of Using of Luminescent Methods to Identify Explosives

#3378Peat Bog Fire Extinguishing

Development of the effective means and methods of peat bed impulse fire extinguishing

#3425Pre-Explosive Phenomena in Energetic Materials

Investigation on Pre-Explosive Phenomena in Energetic Materials at Real-time (0.1 ns ÷ 0.1 ms)