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#0431Radiation Proof Composites

Elaboration of the Technology of New Radiation-proof Composites Manufacture by Means of Physical-Chemical Polytetrafluorethylene Structurisation.

#0558High Albedo Coatings

Development of Reflecting Coating, Resistant to the Light in the Wavelength Range from 0.2 to 3.0 Microns with the Energetic Albedo Close to Unit and Damage Threshold above 1MW/cm2

#0572Superconductors for Hadron Collider

Creation of Superconductors Applicable to Magnetic Systems of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC, CERN).

#0640Mechanochemical Reactions

Research of the Shock-wave Loading Influence on Proceeding of Mechanochemical Reactions at Synthesis of New Types of Composite Materials

#0823Creating of Structural Composites

Development of scientific Foundations or Creating Composites by Radiation Methods

#0878Recoverable Hard Alloy

Recoverable Cutting Hard Alloy Containing Hydrogenating Binder (Composition, Technology, Properties)

#1085Optimization of Thermal Protection Systems

Development of Computational and Experimental Methods for the Efficiency Evaluation of Thermal Protection Systems for the Transportation and Storage of Highly Important, Valuable and Hazardous Cargos. Optimization of Thermal Protection Systems

#1130Ceramic Composite Materials

Development of Ceramic Composite Materials and Structural Elements for High-Temperature Nuclear Reactors

#1269Basalt fiber Materials

Production of Basalt Fibers, Composite Materials and Manufacturing Articles on Their Basis

#1278Metal Matrix Composite Materials

New Combinations of Materials with Use of Metal Matrix Composites

#1829Quasicrystalline Materials with Optimazed Properties

Quasicrystalline Materials with Optimal Properties on the Base of Systems Al-Cu-Fe and Ti-Zr-ТМ

#1870Nano-Materials in Metal-Matrix Composites

Metal Matrix Composites on the Basis of Nano-Materials

#1885Materials with Anomalous Magnetoresistance

Optical and Microwave Properties of Materials with the Colossal Magnetoresistance and of Related Composites

#1935Metal - Diamond Powder Composites

Metal-Matrix Composites on the Basis of Nano-Diamond and Nano-Metal Powders

#1964New Luminescent Materials for Displays

Development of New Highly Effective Luminescent Materials for New-Generation Display Devices

#2250High Strength Materials by Dynamic Compaction

New High Strength Materials Produced with Dynamic Compaction and Preliminary Mechanical Alloying

#2287Reinforced Castings

Optimization of the Technology of Steel Casting Reinforcement by Hard Alloys with the Use of Computer Modeling

#2555New materials for Osseous Implants

Development of New Materials for Various Types of Osseous Implants

#2577Nanocrystalline Catalysts and Sorbents

New Catalysts and Sorbents with Application of Nanocrystalline Metals, Oxides and Diamonds

#2617Composites from Military Scrap

Utilization of Aircraft and Military Technique Scrap Based on Mechanical Alloying Technology for Producing Heat-Resistant Components