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#1269Basalt fiber Materials

Production of Basalt Fibers, Composite Materials and Manufacturing Articles on Their Basis

#2380Design Documents for Barodestruction of Automobile Tyres

Elaboration of Design Documents for the Equipment of the Plant Implementing Barodestruction Technology of Recycling Post-consumer Steel-Belted Car Tyres

#2595Industrial Disposal of Antipersonnel Mine

Elaboration of the Scientific and Technological Basis for Solving the Problem of the Industrial Disposal of PFM-1Antipersonnel Mine Stockpiles

#2612Matrix Models for Rolling Process

Structure-Matrix Models for Improving Section Rolling and Wire Rod Rolling Processes and Preciseness of Rolled Shapes

#2751Microwave Technology of the Flax Processing

Development of Foundations of Microwave Technology for the Processing of Flax and Flax-Inclusive Materials into Products of Different Kinds

#3279Drilling from a Submarine

Transformation of Submarine Technologies into Industrial Non-nuclear Under-water/Under-ice Technologies for the Arctic Offshore Drilling

#3351Structural-matrix models for Rolling

Development of Structural-Matrix Models for Section and Bar Rolling with Purpose of Increasing Product Quality and Economy of Production

#3924Protection of Buildings against Explosions and Earthquakes

Development, Fabrication and Laboratory Testing of New Resonance Mechanical Traps for Protection of Buildings and Engineering Structures against Explosions, Earthquakes

#A-1573Machine for Cutting Wall Stone

The Development of Machine for Cutting Wall Stone of Correct Form from Rock Massive by Strength up to 40 MPa

#G-1078Adaptive Identification Algorithms

Design and Investigation of Adaptive Identification Algorithms for Closed-Loop Process Control Systems

#G-1506Wind Turbine Efficiency

Increasing of the Wind Turbine Efficiency by Using of the Air Draught Power

#G-834Two-Stage Algorithm for Industrial Control

Modified Two-Stage Algorithm of Adaptive Identification for Non-Stationary and Nonlinear Plants

#KR-1413Products from a Horse-Flesh

Development of New Technologies of Meat Products Made of Horse-Flesh for Functional Purpose

#KR-1709Gold Reextraction from Cyanide Wastewaters

Development of Technology of Microbiological Gold Reextraction from Cyanide Wastewaters

#KR-1742Waste-Free Farm

Development and Creation of a Working Model of Waste-Free Energy-Sufficient Farm, Based on Use of Biogas Technology

#T-1248Stonecast Products

Development of the Technology for Stone Products on the Basis of Local Raw Material