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#1553Concept of Dynamic Safety of Aviation (CoDySa)

Research and Development of Mathematics Models, Hardware and Software for Dynamic Safety of Aviation

#2197Robotized Air Vortex Assembly Units

Creation of Design Theory, Development and Research on Robot-Aided Assembly Complexes of a New Type Based on Using Air Vortex for Parts‘ Orientation and Assembly

#2287Reinforced Castings

Optimization of the Technology of Steel Casting Reinforcement by Hard Alloys with the Use of Computer Modeling

#3185Validation of Measured Data at Kola NPP

Validation of Automatically Measured Data on Kola NPP Power Units

#3688Authentication on Base of Personal Knowledge for Pass

Development of Authentication System Based on Personal Knowledge - EGOPASS

#A-1452Multivariable Feedback Control Systems

Development of Application Package and Educational Laboratory Equipment for Analysis and Design of Linear and Nonlinear Multivariable Feedback Control Systems

#A-709Wasteless Recycling of Vegetation Raw Materials

Technology Justification and Development of Mechanization Means and Automaton of Technological Processes of Wasteless Treatment (Recycling) of Vegetable Raw Materials

#A-949Microchips for Electro-Engines Control

Computer Aided Design of New Generation Microchips of Electro Motor Control Devices

#A-955High-Silica Glasses and Coatings

Development of High-Silica Glasses and High-Temperature Coatings Based Thereon for the Oxidation Protection Used in Technics of High Temperatures

#A-979Interfaces for Multivariable Control Systems

Graphical User Interfaces for Computer-Aided Analysis and Design of Linear and Nonlinear Multivariable Control Systems

#B-1622Advanced Decision Support Systems

New Technologies for Advanced Decision Support Systems Destined for Designing and Scheduling in Engineering Systems

#G-1078Adaptive Identification Algorithms

Design and Investigation of Adaptive Identification Algorithms for Closed-Loop Process Control Systems

#G-1277Coating Friction Knots

Development of Wear-Resistant and Ecologically Clean Methods of Coating of Friction Knots, Using the Raw Resources of the Region

#G-785Technology for Boron Nitride Producing

Development of New Effective Technology for Producing Cubic Boron Nitride

#KR-1109Monitoring Flexible Manufacture Systems

System Development of Forming Probable (Prognostic) Characters of the Flexible Manufacture with Multi Connected Structure via Monitoring of Its Processes

#KR-1317Irrigation System of Control of Water Distribution

Development of the Automated Irrigation System of Control over Water Distribution Involving Non-Electrified Periphery Objects