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#0007-2Computer Network-2

Information and Computing Network Designed to Support Scientific Centers and Institutions Activities when Developing Joint Scientific-technical Projects and Conversion Programs (Second Stage).

#0594Russia/SIC Computer Network

International Information and Computing Network for Supporting the Activity of science Centers and Institutions of Russian Federation and other CIS Countries when Developing the Joint Projects and Conversion Programs.

#0927Video Conferencing Terminal

Development of a Low Bit Rate Video Conferencing Terminal for the Satellite Communication System with an Address Coding of Information Streams

#1238Neural Network Methods for Disasters Prediction

Development of Hardware-Software Facilities of Neural Network Methods Support for Information Processing with the Purpose of Prediction of Technically Caused and Disasters

#1252Multidimensional Grids for Adaptive Computation

Optimal Multidimensional Grids and Their Applications Creation of High-Precise Adaptive Methods of Solution of Mechanics of Continua Problems

#1553Concept of Dynamic Safety of Aviation (CoDySa)

Research and Development of Mathematics Models, Hardware and Software for Dynamic Safety of Aviation

#1625Nuclear Accident Countermeasures Efficiency

Methodology and Software for Evaluating Effectiveness of Countermeasures in Case of Nuclear Accidents as Integral Part of the RODOS (Continuation of ISTC 513-97)

#1748Satellite Image and Signal Processing System

On-board Modular Signal and Image Processing System for Small Ecological Monitoring Satellites

#1857Informational Technologies for Export Control System

Telecommunication Informational and Analytical System for Technical Support of Export Control for MINATOM of Russia

#1890Parallel Programming with Dynamic Balancing

Technology for Parallel Programming with Dynamic Balancing of Gas Dynamics and Heat Conduction Type Problems using Fine-Grain Irregular Parallelization

#1961Development of the Russian Full-functional Distant Learning System

Development of the Russian Full-functional Distant Learning System with Make Use of Internet/Intranet Technologies

#2031Iterative Methods for Parallel Computing Systems

Non-Stationary Iterative Decomposition Methods for MIMD-type Parallel Computing Systems: Theory and Applications

#2052Communications for the Center for High Technologies

Information and Communication Systems for the Center for High Technologies – Connections with Outside World

#2139Advanced Information and Communication Systems

Advanced Information and Communication Systems

#2150Developing of RFNC-VNIIEF Electron Library

Developing of RFNC-VNIIEF Electron Library

#2256Internet Education in Nanotechnology

Development of Interactive and Open Learning in Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanotechnology

#2263Telecommunications Approaches to NPP Emergency Control

Applied Research in Telecommunications and Multimedia Hardware and Software for Online Emergency Control at NPPs

#2273Management and Information System for Russian Nuclear Facilities

Management and Information System Development for Russian Nuclear Facilities

#2343Medical Control of Personnel for Dangerous Processes

Development of the Medical & Psychological Control and Support System for Groups of People Involved into Extremely Dangerous Technological Processes (SMPC)

#2635Nuclear Data Reactions Data Base for Internet

The Integrated Relational Database of the Nuclear Data Reaction References in the Internet Created on the Base of CINDA, EXFOR Libraries and Other Sources